2 in 1 and 2 becomes 1

2 in 1

I was doing my physio with Shiau Yee (my physiotherapist), when the aunty  next to me (who was also doing her physio) said to Shiau Yee while pointing at me, ‘Look at her, she’s so muscular’. And then  looking at my arms, the aunty asked, ‘Is that muscle or swollen?’

Hahaah..nak gelak to the compliment pon yek , nak senyum pun ya.. hahaha..burst out a good polite laugh. Shiau Yee said, ‘She is muscular!’ Shiau Yee pandai2 je buat opening ayat to tell the aunty that I do Ironman, but then I just kept quiet. I don’t want the aunty to get any wrong perceptions of my mental state. Remember, while some things are constant and fixed in life, other things are mostly, relative. That’s why she couldn’t tell between my muscles and a swollen one. 🙂

Pre IM lunch gath at Halim's 6 days before D-Day. Photos courtesy of CWK (Mr Chan Wing Kai)

Anak sapaaaa ni ? punya itam !!!!! but now dah putih laa...hehehhe..
us 2009 IMers ! 1st row L-R : IM Keat Seong ,IM Julie, IM Michelle Looi, IM Kasturie,IM Hugo . 2nd row L-R : IM Omar Yip, IM Lee Puh Heng, IM Jason Thiang,IM Raymond Ng (Tomatoman)

1 for the album !!! 😛 (missjewelz nampak gigi jer !! giler tan!!)

This, I miss...dearly !(by the way, i already cut my hair. 6 inches shorter.)

A gift from Chekdet to cik Jewelz --> my favourite band ever UB40 ! tapi disc cover je lah ! dalam kosong !! *dah putihkan ?!!*

2 becomes 1

My dear friend, Nurulhuda Khairudin, colleague during our matriculation years in Perlis ,got hitched last Friday. Witnessed her nikah 🙂 Huda dear, CONGRATULATIONS again. So happy for ya. Semoga berkekalan sehingga ke akhir hayat, insyaAllah.

Huda and I went way back to 2000 ! 😛 It's me here in d pic posing with Huda after her make up session 🙂 Huda, love d deco in ur room. The plasma frame, the Tulip china and Moulin Rouge potrait !

Pretty in white ! 🙂 Huda and her pengapits

Hj Khairudin (Huda's dad) : 'Aku nikahkan dikau..'
Diverting my attention to 1 of Huda's wedding photographer's camera. Christmas slash my new year gift !

Huda + hubby, and myself.

Had a long day today. Class in the morning, a quick lunch, class, then rushed for physio, then   to the stadium for training with some friends who are doing the Pacesetters 30k next month.  They’re attempting the 10k event. Today’s menu was stretching and strengthening. Was there to help. Showed them how to do proper stretching and some core exercises. The fun 1 was the wind shield wiper core exercise. Terketar tangan budak2 tuh !!! 😛 Nasib baik coach tak yah buat..hihihi…

Damn tired now. Till next time internet.


Dengarlah suara semangat waja, kami insan CBN kini ! Me catching up with my friends of 20 years ! Fiona, Kelly, Aisha and myself having some girl chilaxin' time at Batu Dam. We had lunch at KLCC (that was when i so tamak over ate). But then still had room for yummy chocolaty dessert at The Apartment. If I was in Kuantan, I would have brought them to the beach. The only scenic place in/near KL I could think off at that time was Batu Dam. Bukit Tabur wud be too late to hike up (already petang, luckily tak hujan). We all had a great time here snapping fotos, and some last catching up before we went our separate ways. 😛

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  1. Jewelz! So cantik lah gambar taken with your camera =). I’m happy and appreciate that u came all the way from Ampang/KL. Thanks to your fren who drove u there too! =)

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