Cuisine Marathon 2009

While my friends did the Singapore Marathon , Macau Marathon and some others the Salomon Trail run, I did a last minute registration for the Cuisine Marathon 2009 ! It wasn’t exactly a new event. Β It was organized a few times already, actually. Well, some race report right here.

Pre Race

Check out the gears

Breathtaking !

Fancy running in this ?

Some fotos taken before the race. Cool graphics eh.. Photos Photoshoped.. Cuisine Marathon starting in 15 minutes. Trying to get my focus together. First time doing the Cuisine Marathon. Haven’t got enough training for this one. Will take it easy..

Start line

Its gonna be a gruesome journey
Here we go !!!

Here’s the start line. Pretty fancy and colourful. Marathons shouldn’t be boring right ? I’m all set for this point. No need to warm up for marathons. Did a 3k day before.

19km mark

19km already !

I told you its gonna be gruesome ! But I trusted my instinct. I had to keep going on !

The organizers did a good job with the distance markers. Clear and visible markers ! This foto was taken at the 19km mark.System still fresh. Keeping the pace steady.

21km mark

Meet me halfway , right at the border line, that's where I'm gonna wait for you! _B.E.P_

Half of the course completed. Phew…Kaki a bit goyang, but I find myself overtaking some familiar faces. Slowly n steady Julie..

21km done, 21km to go. She's in the zone.

25km mark

The 25km mark. More unfamiliar faces..! I'm beginning to enjoy this marathon even though system is getting exhausted ! The Powergel helped !

Seeing stars, sugars and maple syrup already..and peanuts, peach, vanilla, ice-cream.. humm… no, they didn’t provide that at the feed station.. It was pure imagination that kept me going.. i guess..!

35km mark

Rain or shine, I run !! If its stormy, take cover lah !

At the 35km mark… ! The heat is getting unbearable.. So thirsty…

Water station

The only way your body can take in the heat is by cooling it down with water ! U drink em, u splash em on ur head, you cool your legs with em. Cuisine Marathon didn't provide any wet cold sponges. They should.. !

Cuisine Marathon Powered by H20

40km mark

Looking back , that was a bloody 40km.. The next 2km should be kacang ! *missjewelz psyching herself again..*

Another 2 km to go !! yeayy…!!!!!!!!! Everyone picking up their pace fact, the last 10km my feet felt lighter !!

Finish line

Finally !!! Woohoo !!!!!! Jumping with joy at the finish line. πŸ™‚

Me seen here at the finish line.. Couldn’t believe I just finished d race. My unofficial time, 4:15.. Woohoo.. Not bad !

Race Cert

Cuisine Marathon 2009 Cert ! Got it less than 5 minutes after I finished my race. Awesomeness.

Cuisine Marathon certificate : Never seen anything like this 1 before ! But its cool alright ! They even print my 10k splits. Awesome !

Timing Chip Deposit

A good and organized race. Timing chip deposit received in exchange for the chip we returned. Can use the small change for some makan after the race?

Returned the timing chip and got the deposit back.

Post Race Shot

Goodbye Cuisine Marathon

Posing at the event site. πŸ˜› What a wonderful marathon. Looking forward for a repeat !

Post Race Ritual

Scraping my post race makan. Got better plan in mind.. A recovery run ! Should do me good ! And it sure did !

A post recovery run was better !

Cuisine Marathon rocks ! Sweet memories will be treasured ! Looking forward for a repeat. You guys should join me too. Nothing is impossible. As my friend Omar Yip, puts it, Impossible is null. Don't get caught in your dreams. You go and catch em. Alwight??!!

Some post marathon lovin. Sing along, jangan malu2, turn em speakers ON ! In case you forgot , this song was a soundtrack in the movie Hell Boy . Hell yeah ! πŸ™‚ Enjoys !!


7 thoughts on “Cuisine Marathon 2009

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  1. hahahaha.. lawak lawak..
    very creative.
    I almost Goggled what Cuisine Marathon is..
    Like the 25km mark.. “Seeing stars, sugars and maple syrup already..and peanuts, peach, vanilla, ice-cream.. ”
    Err.. satay tak nampak?

    Well done on completing the marathon!!
    More to come in 2010? hehehee

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