Jan 2010 Events + Featured Friends !



17/1/2010 : PACESETTERS 30K 2010, Putrajaya

31/1/2010 : CITY DAY RELAY, Bukit Jalil

31/1/2010 : PACESETTERS TRACK MEET 2010, Selayang

Will be updating the EVENTS page in this blog soon Ā šŸ™‚

..perjalanan masih jauh..... Perjalanan ini sebenarnya masih jauh, kalaupun dihitung suria terbit lalu mentari tenggelam, dan terbit kembali tiada siapa yang dapat meramalkan... I sincerely think that each runner and sport enthusiast should spread the love and passion of a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE. Whether we choose to walk, run, cycle , swim, hike or kayak, we should know that health must always be valued. It can't be bargained. We are the sole guardian of this value GOD has given us. We sometimes take our life for granted don't we. For example, we take for granted that we can talk, listen, look, walk, eat..errr..run ! We sometimes fail to realize that every little thing that we do on a regular basis if left un-check can take its toll on us, our body,mind, soul + life. E.g. : SUGAR. E.g. : SMOKING. E.g.: NOT EXERCISING. E.g. : FAST FOOD. So it enlightens me very much to encourage my family, friends and missjewelz.wordpress.com's followers/readers to spread this noble cause of encouraging a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE. A healthy body starts with a healthy mind. So let's get our intention and objectives right. If you're reading this AND happen not to be doing any form of exercise, think about it. Sports IS a fun way to keep fit, meet friends and bust the modern living stress ! It's not hard at all. Take sports LEISURELY & RECREATIONALLY . It does not have to be boring or exhausting ! šŸ™‚ Let me know how you want to start to be active (if you haven't). And in case you have been active, then keep it up šŸ™‚ God Bless ! oh, 1 more thing, NOBODY IN THE WORLD is too old to start exercising. So, the next time you get this ''Makcik dah tua dah'' ("I'm old already"), do not get trapped. Its a disease in itself when we approve this kind of attitude which I think is quite prevalent in the Malaysian society. People as young as 45 say they're 'Dah Tua' . Some as early as 35 would say they're old already. Don't we (or in this case 'They') realize that keeping healthy is a lifelong responsibility ? Come on Malaysians, we CAN do better than this. šŸ™‚ Cheers, missjewelz.

Upiq ma man !!!! šŸ™‚ he runs, does duathlon and triathlons ! he blogs too !


Meet Allen. Old school does rock ! Allen is 38 years my senior. He is 65 years young. So shame on you who failed to realize how much you're missing out. Mr Allen Lai runs, cycles, and he blogs as well !!!! This photo was taken on the 3rd day of raya this year during our MTDC-LUKUT-MTDC ride šŸ™‚ 100km!


Meet Rahim. He is 1 year younger than Allen. šŸ™‚ Photo taken during a group ride to Ulu Yam. We stopped by Batu Dam for a foto session ! šŸ˜› He doesn't blog, but he's on Facebook ! šŸ˜› He came 4th in his age-group category at the recent Powerman Malaysia duathlon in Manjung, Perak. p.s. He runs and cycles and take part in races. He goes touring with his roadies friends (the 'OLDSTERS' group )


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