Bakal menghadapi bulan-bulan yang sangap (boredome syndrome)

missJeweLz bakal menghadapi bulan-bulan yang mencabar 🙂 Bentuk-bentuk cabaran yang agak mencabar bagi si penulis :

  • penantian untuk kembalik beraksi dalam sukan kegemarannye (kembalik?? gosh, that sounds so Sabah/Sarawak..kembalik kitak..hihih..)
  • penyiksaan menanti hari training dan long ride seterusnya
  • kesabaran untuk baik pulih/recover/recuperate sebelum kembali berlatih unconditionally
  • dedikasi untuk menumpukan focus on 1 thing at a time
  • kelaparan yang melanda sewaktu berlumba/berlatih. Nak-nak kalau tak cukup carboloading sebelum workout/ berlatih

Sementara itu, musim kesangapan akan melanda tak lama lagi.. Tanda-tanda kesangapan telah diungkai di dalam senarai di atas..hihih.. Sebenarnya dah lama dah sangap (sangap means bored!!).. I think sejak lepas Ironman Langkawi 28 Februari yang lepas. Bayangkan persiapan untuk sesebuah race sebagai satu persiapan untuk sebuah keraian. Persiapan yang cukup detail yang memerlukan dedikasi dan komitmen. So kalau tak bersedia untuk memberi komitmen, jangan harap untuk menikmati keraian yang best !!! Anyways, some Ironman moments right here :

A shot from my Ironman album

I know I haven’t been updating much lately :p Plus my blog is not a weekly magazine nor a bi-monthly magazine. I don’t necessarily have to really think and squeeze my lobes and brain stem to produce a daily blog ! But the fact that I haven’t been updating my blog for a solid 10 days, makes me a weee bit guilty and my hands are itchy to write again. Actually I already wrote another post in my other blog this morning entitled ”How To Deal With The Know-It-All Type”, another psychological topic which I find interesting. Anyways, thank you for following my blog. Keep on reading and I hope you’ve enjoyed your journey with .

Here are a few fotos showing some of the activities I’ve been up to the past few weeks :-

Fr left: Rahim, Fadil, myself, Acap, Fairul, Sean Chang, Ezer, Laif. Not in foto: AJ (cameraman!) An interesting ride with a few riders doing this route for their 1st time; Fairul, Ezer, Fadil. Hope you guys enjoyed it ! Congrats anyways. To those who haven't tried out this course, do check it out. U-turn point is at the Pekan Ulu Yam, where riders usually stop for some quick snack. The course is hilly. So expect both short and long hills. I suggest riders (especially the newbies), the course is doable if you've got the guts, but do try out the hills at Putrajaya first (I mean a few times) plus that short killer hill behind PICC Before you attempt an enjoyable cruise along the Ulu Yam course. 🙂

It was a leisure ride (ride post Powerman), and here is Laif posing for the camera ! Nice one Laif. Thanks !! :P
A leisure ride (post Powerman Malaysia). Laif here seen posing for this shot I took ! Nice pose. Baik punya corner baring.

Meet Ryan. My friend, Stupe's bubbly 3 year old son 😛 was at their place for Ryan's 3rd birthday party and Stupe's 33rd
Father and son 🙂

Attended a 2 days level 1 sports massage course with Equal Fitness on the 20th and 21st of November. (I never realized that sports massage course is so expensive!).1st time attending any professional sports related skill course. Paid half a grand for the course. Professional and scientific knowledge is not free. Check ! First day already doing practical on the national netball players. 1 funny thing, there were only 5 ladies among the participants, but none dared to massage the goalkeeper (biggest of em all), this I found out AFTER i volunteerly & painstakingly massaged the GK. Her calf was as big as my uhmm..thighs ! Anyways, it was a good experience for me. I've been going for sports massage myself, and now I can finally practise what I've learned from the course. I will start my massage session starting next January 😛 Professional fee included ok. LOLness. But won't be as expensive like the sports massage center that I guarantee.Seen here is kak Salina, the course instructor. Started the course by giving the participant a test !! Yeap, to check on our anatomy IQ, for both the bones and major muscles . Remnants anatomy memory from my medical degree years helped. 🙂

2nd day of the course, more practical ! Apparently our tent was near the ambulance for the runners, from which we at the massage booth could have benfitted if 1 of us pengsan/fainted out of our fatigue massaging those concrete calves ! LOL ! I was with some of the course participants at Dukethon massaging runners post race. 🙂 I massage around 8 people ! Including 1 hairy guy.. His hairy legs hurt my knuckles alright ! Tiring morning but fun. Foto courtesy of Shahrizal Sanusi, a runner friend who happened to pass the booth after his run ! 🙂 Thanks again Shahrizal !

Among the things that I'll be doing in my sangap season : editing fotos a.k.a. exploring my Photoshopping skills, catching up with interesting reads;I recently bought a few interesting 1s! , movies(old & new), recuperating , foodies (gotta control on this one..ive been eating too much already..)..and uhm, catching up with life !! 🙂


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