Capturing the Unrewindable Moments

Sunday, September 27, 2009 at 8:58am

I was suppose to wake up at around 5.15am today.. But slept on like a rock ..was suppose to join a few friends at Gunung Nuang ! Uhmmm… But tak bangun. Woke up to see 3 misscall and 1 SMS . Yesterday’s ride clearly left me ‘koyak’ oledi. Quite a number of us turned up to do the dry run for next week’s race. I’m not sure if I’m taking part or not. Wasn’t part of the initial plan. But if I do take part, I’ll be doing the relay. No big deal for me, but big deal for my knee. I’m avoiding long runs at the moment. 5-10km boleh lagi, but not more than that. Cycling ok, swim also ok.

Going back to yesterday’s ride … Fun to see the spirited group and train together. Some did 1 loop of the bike course some did 2. Followed by swim/run. I ran with Laif n d rest. Laif complaining 5km only missjewelz ? Hahah.. Ya lo.. 5km only.

Fellow triathletes..
IM 70.3  Putrajaya – dry run : Arif & Laif
IM 70.3
IM 70.3 Putrajaya dry run – smile !

I was huffing and puffing my alveoli off.. Tak fit, nak buat macam mana !! (of course kena get fit balik la). Training ‘seriously’ and video recording/taking fotos doesn’t fit together. 🙂 the 3rd raya ride to lukut (for me) wasn’t serious training. Just getting some kicks after 2 days jamming the tummy with endless savoury n array of food. And of course to get together with friends. Ride to lukut would always be memorable because that was when I 1st joined another group for cycling (b4 this kayuh with the Subang gang). So excited coz Azmar invited me to join. But alas Azmar didn’t even make it to the 1st quarter of the ride after he slipped frm his clip and fell on his shoulder and fractured his clavicle.

3rd raya ride to Lukut : Alwin & YitThing Wong

So again, making d Lukut ride again this time, without Azmar,(1st time was last year 🙂

and lucky to be able to enjoy the ride. I believe no one was really pushing, including Alwin. If Bacin or Dicky were to be there, mungkin storyline note ni wud be different la! So with the front pack together ; Alwin Ish and myself (Hadi mcm chipsmore, kjap ada kjap xde), the ride was in control. And I was able to video record n take fotos as well during the ride. Fun for documenting.

Myself, Ish and Hadi

This was on Tuesday. On Friday I was lucky not to bring my camera for the 30k ‘spin’. Me n John overtook Ishsal at 51km/h. Not datz it’s a big deal. But still !! I won’t be able to do it if I had a camera in 1 hand wud I ?? So there, some concentration converting to some quality training. But come Saturday, I brought my camera. Wrong move ! If uve seen d video I uploaded for the Putrajaya 70.3 dry run, you’ll know what im talking about. You can hear my breath very Clearly.

Leave the documenting part to stand alone camera/video ppl, @ cameraman ! 🙂 im quite the ‘memorable’ type. Memory is very powerful , but when you have that extra something which is visible and tangible preserving the memories,it can actually make you smile or even cry..! I still keep my primary 6 prefect duty roster. That piece of foolscap now is 15 years old, much older than my younger brother. I had my rumah biru sports day tshirt which I was VERY PROUD of (you know, being a CBNer). But that was until my mum decided to cut down the budget for wipe cloth and converted my treasured item to a kain buruk.

Prefect duty roster (SSU,1994)

Just to share with you a piece of my LTM(long term memory), I still remember my primary 5 class teacher calling d students names to come n collect their sukan t-shirt from her. And I remember taking my tortoise to school in my pinafore’s pocket n place them on the desk during class. I remember when I was 5 or 6, I was lying down on the floor at my mum’s room solving a Disney cartoon puzzle. Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. Strangely , these memories are kinda stronger compared to when I look at old photos of my childhood. There’s more reality which I could sense. Uhmmm…. Coz I captured it. But the fotos, it was mostly my mum who took em. Not me. Those days where got video camera. Only film rolls n manual camera. 🙂 ahhah.. This is funny.. I remember watching A Hard Day’s night the movie.. The Beatles?! And of course remember sneaking into the bathroom during bulan puasa with a bottle of Vitagen !!! Hahaha ..

But anyways, since now we’re accessible to the many tools n various ways of recording, why not. It’s always nice to see another person smile looking at those wacky pics n videos. I can’t imagine this just yet.. When I grow older and looking back at the videos and pics which I took during training with my friends. I can either still that grin/smile for a couple of seconds , especially when watching something funny, or I can choose to shed em tears (me being nostalgic).

Memories are beautiful. Preserve them.

Fast forward 20 years after I first stepped into CBN in 1989. Picture taken during a recent visit back to my beloved school !

I told you memories are indeed beautiful.. I missed this moment chillin’ on the rocks by the beach, watching the sunset… 🙂

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