Busy and High Bee

Been busy like forever..the only time I have for myself is when I nap or sleep at night. Yesterday evening I was suppose to ‘nap’… ended up sleeping comfortably the whole night !! And last night I was suppose to be completing another 2 assignments ! Well, its normal that I am busy now..its nearing to the end of the semester. Plus the past 3 weeks I was involved as a committee for the YEA Kids Tri. Totally burned out from that one. But anyways, once I am in this super busy mode, other priorities fall into the 2nd place, or further. So to friends, I do apologize if I haven’t been updating.

It not always that I prioritize myself and I know I have to improve for that. I only have one life here on earth and I gotta use this chance wisely. Hope you can understand that yeah.

I am skipping the Kinabalu Climbathon eventhough I have registered, booked air ticket etc… but I gotta let it go due time constraint. Plus, I don’t think I would be enjoying any mountain climb with a bad left knee for that matter. Mizuno is also not in my list but I did manage to register 10 IIUM students for this run. So, bravo and all the best to them. Also registered Najwa, my close buddy from high school to do this run. Powerman ? Well, we’ll see..I have registered, but still deciding….

Ok lah, this Saturday since I’m in town, I am doing the MEX Highway. A 60km ++ ride. Starting from the Bukit Kiara Equestrian Club at 6am. So far 6 people have confirmed. Whoever wants to join, do let me know ok.

All the best to all my friends doing the

Mizuno Wave run and Kinabalu Climbathon !

Make sure you finish the race injury free !

I think mountain biking is good.. builds a whole lot of confidence and courage.On top of that,increases your reaction rate! but still..ouch !!
Just wanna share this pic : I think mountain biking is good.. builds a whole lot of confidence and courage.On top of that,increases your general reaction/response rate! but still..ouch !! This was during my 2nd or 3rd MTB outing. This 1 in Lbh Kiara with mr Rahim. Bad bad fall..unlucky me..ugly scar still there..how to get rid of it ?!!! Buruk lah ! hahah..


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