I am what I am

A few friends have been asking me why I do/did Ironman. This is a common question, which mostly are answered  by  some Ironman finishers with common answer due to common reasons.. I was chatting with a friend today. And suddenly were talking about people’s value (not people value), how do we categorize ourselves etc. He asked me how I categorize myself..good, bad? naughty?angel ? Here was my answer ..

me : im julie

me : i am myself. i have my princips. i dont want to be too serious and i want to have some fun too but not too much until i forget myself.

me : like Ironman,  thats what I am

friend :  waaaahhhhh…..

me:  going for Ironman is like preparing for a war, need to plan, ‘strategize’ and arm myself

friend : true

me:  expect things but also prepare for the unexpected,

me : know my friends and know my enemies

friend : fuhyooo….

me:  and know that will and faith and strength will carry me through

me : ahhaha did i just say that ? ..Ironman is personal

friend : nope.. u typed that..good lah if like that..

me:  only myself can claim it. because i did it on my own . not any1 else (for my own and not for anyone else)

P.S. Julie lives like Bob Marley, one of her music and personal icons.

Full of metaphors. Metaphors which lives through his words, songs

and life. Bob Marley is a legend. and I am full of metaphors. I am what I

am. I am missJeweLz.

Pic taken at Pantai Beserah, Kuantan in 2004
Pic taken at Pantai Beserah, Kuantan in 2004
my favourite Sunday graffiti pose. taken at Central Market, 2009
my favourite Sunday graffiti pose. taken at Central Market, 2009

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