Cik Julz ..? + Sports Industry Convention

🙂 I’m oficially an aunty/aunt/makcik !! 🙂 My cousin gave birth to a beautiful baby princess ! Alhamdulillah ! So congratulations dear cuzzy. Niece, welcome to the family ! (ever growing). Anyways, I’ve been rather busy for the past few weeks.. (lets just sum it all to a month !).. yeah… tending to my knees, my team , my academics, my family, my training..! Too many things happening at this time dat I simply sleep them off when things are going over the limit. Now that MUDS (MALAKOFF University Duathlon Series 2009) is over, I can safely take some burden off my shoulder. And yes.. adding some more on them.

For a month, I was the unofficial team captain for the athletes from uni who I recruited, together with a few other friends. So, manager/captain I was for 3 weeks. Now gotta write a short report for the Sports Unit. After this is done, let’s see..

  • I DU YOU DU : Duathlon The Latest Healthier Lifestyle Sports Craze – topic outline for LE4500
  • Qualitative psych assignment..
  • Outline for cross-cultural psych article review
  • Cross-cultural psych lit. review; ‘Cross-cultural tendencies among IIU undergraduates towards sporting activities’
  • *sighh..* Experimental psych report (Muller Lyer test)
  • update on MUDS Appreciation Dinner , hosted by X Team

I gotta make sure I get all of these done by Sunday night !!! go Julie go !


Now, to the more interesting part of this post. I’ll be attending KISMAS 2009 (Konvensyen Industri Sukan Malaysia 2009) tomorrow and Satuday held at the Berjaya Time Square. Nearly the whole of tomorrow and half day for Saturday. Registered for myself, and also Shazly and Nadia. Looking forward to it !!!  Representing myself as a sports person, enthusiast.. all in the name of some exposure and knowledge. Will be lending my eyes and ears for Ungku Azhar and Major Kalam (both also part of the Powerbar Team Elite), key people who I’ve seen relentlessly putting their efforts in sports development. Ungku Azhar is based in venue is too far for him, while Major Kalam is not in town..! Busy with work.

Some of the key notes/panel discussions for the convention :-

  1. The Impact of Sports Industry on a Nation’s Performance
  2. Key note address by the Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak
  3. Sports Education – Empowering the Industry
  4. Business Strategies In Sports Industry- The Malaysian Scenario
  5. Sports Medicine and Sports Science – Ringing the Changes
  6. Sports Marketing and and Media Strategies in a Challenging Economy
  7. Managing the Commercialization and Maintanence of Sports Fascilities
  8. Optimizing Private Enterprise in Sports Development
  9. Event Management and Sports Tourism

Ok, missJewelz (cik Julz..) gotta get back to work..cau cin cau !!! Have a beautiful week ahead dear friends,bloggers and followers!

1 of my favourite pictures... pic by Fatini. thanks dear !
1 of my favourite pictures... pic by Fatini. thanks dear !

seriously..nobody but you...!
seriously..nobody but you...!

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