Standard Chartered Kuala Lumpur Marathon 2009

Wishing all the best to all running tomorrow morning at the Standard Chartered Kuala Lumpur Marathon. Special wishes to Mr. Ngae who will be running his first marathon after having went for a brain surgery after Ironman Langkawi this year. He’ll be running on behalf of Hospis Malaysia. For more info please log on to TriTwins or click here.

Special shout also to those attempting their 1st 10k, 21k, and the full marathon.

Aileen, Z and Rais Omar will be among the 10k runners 7am at the start line . So all the best to three of you! I’ll be pacing Rais , despite having registered for the full marathon which I am under trained for. The lay off after IM, the post IM so called – unsure-what-to-do, mending the knees, Xterra work all added up together to convince myself that the 42.2km run would be too much for my knee which is recovering around 89-95% percent  already.It takes a lot of patience to have something completely healed. I’m pushing it to 150% if possible. And I do not have much time for that. PD Tri and MUDS is coming up. Anyways, back to KL marathon, to those still jumbled up to the advisable DOs for pre- race day,and race day,  here are a few tips :


1. READ the runner’s guide – eventhough you’re a frequent in the Malaysia/international running scene. We’re having a new organizer here, so you might wanna get to know to the system they’re using to run the big show tomorrow !

2. Prep all your racing kit, needs night before race. Write a check list if necessary is a quick one :-

(p.s. I’m going thru the list from top to toe (as in your head to your toe, of what u need)

– running cap

– shades

-Phiten necklace

– sports bra (women)

– tape for your tits (for men)(sorry for the language!) – to avoid chafing, and possibility of  bleeding !

– Vaseline (to rub on surface where the running vest/running shorts rubs against your skin, and around your toes )

– running vest

– your RACE NUMBER pinned to the front and back of your running vest

–  make sure you write the vital info as required at the back of ur race number

– watch

– running shorts/tights/pants

– running socks

– running shoes

– PowerBar GELS !

– PowerBar performance bar

– your own endurance drink

– your own recovery drink (to drink post race, can leave it in the car or ur bag (which you’ll place at the luggage area))

– Camera : Photo opportunity  to snap some memories ; with  family n friends , with your medals ! (i’m so going to bring my camera tomorrow tho I won’t be running in my registered category !) (PASS IT TO SOME1 NOT RACING- e.g. your supporter)

– what else…. oh ya…

– the determination to cross the finish line in 1 piece and injuery – free

– the discpline to pace yourself smartly

run Shihming run !
run Shihming run !

Before you sleep tonight :

1. Make sure all the items are placed in 1 place , in a bag preferably, except for the items which you’re going to wear in the morning.

2. Your race number ; most vital + importante !!!

3. Some stretching !

4. Salt drink (too late for an advice actually, should have published this a few days ago..)

5. Set 4-5 alarm clocks, ask your friends/family members to wake you up, call etc

6. Decide where to park your car, if you’re driving to the race venue. The best is to park at parking areas accessible throughout race morning (some park areas will be closed and re-open at a certain time)

7. Decide earlier where to have your makan-makan post race ! hahaha..

JB City Eco Challenge
That’s my friend who collapsed after suffering a heat stroke at the JB City Eco Challenge; it was hot, n humid on race morning and he was pushing over his limits.

Health + safety




If you feel pain and uncomfortable, slow down. If still persist, walk..if you feel any dizziness, sudden increase of heart rate, please, be careful. Take note of all medical / first aid stations.

Avoid HEAT Stroke ;

water your head in case the weather gets bizzarely hot !!!!

Stay Hydrated and Cool
Chill out in hot temperatures to protect yourself from heat stroke.When relative humidity is over 75 percent and it’s over 95 degrees outside, your body can no longer keep up with cooling itself down.

If you must be outside on blistering days, drink a lot of water but avoid caffeine and alcohol. Eat small meals and limit your protein intake, which can increase metabolic heat as it’s digested. Drink 16 to 32 ounces of cool fluids every hour.

Get Help
Heat exhaustion, which causes pale skin, muscle cramps and dizziness, may precede heat stroke but not always. Move to a cooler environment (look for shaded areas along the route) and rehydrating yourself or the person affected. If symptoms get worse, seek medical help right away. Wrap the individual in cool, wet towels or submerge him or her in a cold bath while waiting for help, says the American Red Cross.

In the end, remember to take it easy in extreme heat and drink lots water. Being aware of the body’s internal thermostat can help protect you and your family from one of summer’s more dangerous ills.

I think that’s it ! All the best to all of you !!! Have an enjoyable race tomorrow yeah ?!


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