missJeweLz getting a jab after MTB crash !

post 2nd mtb crash in Johor. First one was at Lembah Kiara Trail. 😛 Team mate decided to take a corner without any signal/caution during warm up. LOL..

Turn your volume up to hear to the conversation between me and the little boy. Conversation in Malay 🙂


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  1. Miss Julie Had a Great Fall

    Miss Julie didn’t sit on the wall
    Miss Julie ride on a bike
    Miss Julie had a great fall
    She should have gone on a hike
    All the king’s horses
    All the king’s men
    Could not put her together again
    If not for one jab
    Of a tetanus shot
    In her left arm
    Which left her sore
    For ever more
    But that won’t stop her
    To relish her side dish
    Sports as her side dish
    Something she really cares
    Something she dares
    all her life
    it gives her the drive
    It has to be
    That’s Julie


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