missjewelz.wordpress.com just received its 50,000 hits somewhere yesterday. LOL.

small news. but still some news. 😛

Thanks to everyone who’s been dropping by, following and reading this humble blog of mine since the past 2 years.

i first published this blog in June 06 but it wasn’t untill April 07 I became more active blogging, after I did my first sprint tri at the A Famosa International Triathlon.

I actually began blogging in 2004 , using blogspot. The old blog still exist tho I don’t update it anymore. Will most probably use it for something else, when I have the time. if you wanna take a look at it, sure, no problem. Just log on to http://missjewelz.blogspot.com. I was still studying medicine back then. So don’t be surprised to find terms and posts on renal physiology and professors in there. LOL!

As you might notice, I do not blog all the time. I don’t write in my daily updates as frequent as other bloggers. Time is gold. As precious as it is, I do have my priorities of when and what to write. 😛 When I write, I try to imagine myself as a reader myself. See if I could comprehend what I write.

And if you’ve been following missjewelz.wordpress.com my guess is that you sort of know the different styles of writing that I use.

And you know I’ve lotsa pictures to share !

Okie dokie. I gotta jump into the pool now. Swim time !

Gracias amigos and amigas !

You can scroll through the archive to look at my older posts. LOL.

Anyways, thank you again for dropping by and reading whatever that I have to share, write and ponder on. I love to write, and will keep on writing.


Catching the sunrise at Beserah,Kuantan. This was in 2006.
Catching the sunrise at Beserah,Kuantan. This was in 2006.
Beserah Beach, Kuantan
Beserah Beach, Kuantan
Beautiful ain't it !?!
Beautiful ain’t it !?!

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