Settling down- for now

With the maiden XTERRA done last weekend (6/6 – 7/6)I can finally settle down doing my own things (as for now!). No more traveling for event promos and races and no more hassling the suppliers and printers. It a blast of an experience for being able to be part of the XTERRA Crew. I initially signed up in the age group cat only to be alerted by Shazly that he needs another person to help out. So there I was with the team, working together. As the work expectation builds up, I find less time for myself. Time as in time for training. How do I juggle this. Pretty different when juggling between academics and training. 😛 Nevertheless, I learnt a lot, and gained a lot. Getting to know my triathlete friends from the professional working side. To Zafrul, Shazly, Nadia, Geoff, Azmar, Stupe, Bandit, Nazri, Kharis, Senn, Aileen, Ariff and everyone in the team , thank you and congratulations to all of you !

I manage to do 3 races throughout my involvement in the XTERRA Malaysia.

1. NB15K (1:31) supa sloww,but love the hills la !

2. SAS Eco Challenge- Bera(8th place…body torchering mind blowing experience) and

3. JB City Eco Challenge (my team came in 6th).

Thanks to the organizers for allowing us to promote XTERRA at your event !

To all sponsors, athletes, volunteers and whoever is directly or indirectly involved in making this event a success, I on behalf of the XTERRA Malaysia would like to express our endless appreciation and thanks.

Personal note to my Kuantan friends who put in their effort to help out; Azrul, Aman, Fid, Bern, Abe Din and Alang. Thanks guys !!

To fellow athlete friends who took part in the race, I on behalf of the crew would like to apologize for all the hiccups throughout the event process. Your sincere and positive comments are highly appreciated and you can always email us at or contact me at

Whatever happens after this will be improvement and improvement, insyaAllah.

missJeweLz XTERRA of an Xperience

1. Signed up
2. Some MTB training with lotsa crashes, monkey scare (i seriously thought I was going to die.. nearly got attacked by monkeys at Kiara trail. )
3. Tending to my left knee..some maltraking prob and plicae inflammation

4.Minimimal running

5. Busy making sure XTERRA Technical portfolio is covered..datelines, quotations, invoices, art design.. i never did these kinda things before ! At Trikidz I was only the treasurer and registrar !

6. Less time for training… i mean , lesser and lesser time for training …

7. fast forward to Wednesday last week, 4 days before D-day.. off to throughout till Saturday…

8.Friday – still alive and kickin..blocked nose @ night. cant breath !

9. Saturday afternoon-feverish…blocked nose.. twist and turn to clear the nasal cavity !!!! Sat eve –  bike check in. Saturday night; fever getting worse. Had to make that ultimate decision ; not to race tomorrow morning. Even if I had the energy to finish the distance I don’t  think I would have enjoyed it. Right?!

10. Sunday. missed the race, but was rushing to Indera Mahkota and back to TC and back to Vistana and back to TC again… work lah weii ! some sprint workouts there. LOL !

11. my uncle was there to watch the race. surprised to see me there..and surprised to know I do triathlons !!! hahaha…

12. late noon, settled volunteers’  fee. returned podium @ Indera Mahkota; i drove the big van. had problem with the pressing the clutch. sakit lutut !! (knee pain). but still alive and kickin despite the fever

13. evening ; chill at the beach with Scott. night ; already zonked, bonked.. damn.. this is nothing like Ironman. I didnt feel tired after crossing the finish line in Langkawi !

14. Next day; drove back to KL. gave up at r&r Temerloh. dozed off for an hour in the car- engine and Aircond. on
yeah, driving alone is quite challenging..

15. next day; missed class.

I’ve recovered already now. Thank God ! And now, I’m so ready to get some balls rolling ! Yes, Im excited as you are ! (are you?).. seems like the Triathlon and Duathlon season is only kickin’ off for me ! ahaha..

My upcoming events

1.PD Tri
2. MUDS Series
3.Putrajaya/Desaru ?! I so havent decided lah !
4. oohh, i forgot… KL marathon in 3 weeks time. it’ll be my first full marathon outside Ironman. Before this I’ve only done 1/2 marathons (21K) and 30K events
5. Might consider Perhentian Island Challenge

Okay peeps, i think datz it for now. I had a great week in Kuantan. No doubt about it. I love my life, and will keep on ensuring this life will be lovable right to the end. Life is short, so make the best out of it.

Mmmuahhh !!!!!!


Team Starkst - JB CITY ECO CHALLENGE. 6th place
Team Starkst - JB CITY ECO CHALLENGE. 6th place
bored jewelz
bored jewelz
baptized @ Lembah Kiara ! Ouch ! Technical downhill gone absolutely wrong. Injury @ my hips, left knee, and arm. Other pics will not be uploaded. Sorry. LOL !
baptized @ Lembah Kiara ! Ouch ! Technical downhill gone absolutely wrong. Injury @ my hips, left knee, and arm. Other pics will not be uploaded. Sorry. LOL !

To the following names, nice to have met you in Kuantan. An honour to have all of you in my mom’s hometown. You guys kicked a** alrite !!!! Congrats !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1. Fauzan Hj Ismail – a big Congratulations to you dude !
2.Raymond Tan- nice to meet you !
3. Heero Yui
4. Zulhassan
5. Karyan
6. Adli
7. Team TAMAGO 5. you guys rock !
8. Yip
9. All my Kuantan Pacesetters friends
10. brothers from Brunei – you know who you are ! 😛
11.Jack from Miri
12. Upiq ! hope you had fun !
13. Zabil Ihram Zainol, congrats dude !
14. Shahrom , Ah Thiam Razani, Major and rest of the Team Elite members
15. Lydia Tan – congrats girl ! u sorang je in ur age group! lucky you !
17. Rais and kids !

You guys rock ! Dirty Duathlon coming your way. Keep tab.Ok, back to my reality, off line. Roger and out. Gtg to Powerbar, Totalfield and a few other places. Ciao !

Yazid, Mimi, Nadia, Osman, Saiful, Azrul - THANK YOU ! :) It wouldnt have been possible without you guys ! Rock on Kuantan !!!!!!!!! -kak Julie-
Yazid, Mimi, Nadia, Osman, Saiful, Azrul - THANK YOU ! 🙂 It wouldnt have been possible without you guys ! Rock on Kuantan !!!!!!!!! -kak Julie-

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