New old baby

Yes, tomorrow will test out this new old baby. Second hand as usual..Hehehhee…. God be with me… 😛 Its called the Blue Pill…. ! 😛 You might not want to believe it, but I haven’t touched my roadies even for once post Ironman. Well I did a few MTBs in Putrajaya, FRIM and also Kuantan. So, let the legs warm up a bit tomorrow (today). I so cant wait… 😛

The Blue Pill
The Blue Pill

I always smile to myself listening to the wacky and cute bike names. Jaja calls hers Froggie. And here is my list :

The Black Cab

Yellow Submarine

Green Weed

Blue Pill


Colour/song title based names except for the last one.  😛 And why i name them as such ? There are reasons to it of course ! 😛 The latest edition which is the ‘Blue Pill’ came across my mind after  Ironman. It had to do with the various kinds of  ‘pain’ which I struggled throughout my maiden Ironman. Initially I thought i would call it the ‘Painkiller’. But it sounded too straight forward.Nothing fancy. So I thought, why not Blue Pill. Corresponds with the physical look also !

blue pill vs the painkiller
blue pill vs the painkiller

So what exactly have I been doing post IM.  I totally slowed down on the training part.  But I did some  trail runs and MTBs with friend alrite. Here are some pics. I have updated my Nuang report in previous posts, so you might wanna look for that post (plenty of pics !). 😛

first roadie-old skool !
first roadie-old skool ! the 'black cab'. I bought this from a friend doing business on e-bay. But i got it right from his studio in Kuantan. The orange Specialized helmet you see at the background came with the bike. Picture taken during one of my Putrajaya rides with Nurina. I still keep the bike tho some of my friends asked me to hang it, frame it, or give it away to some bike museum or recycling center. heheheheh.... i luv the retro baby!
my big friendly yellow submarine @ Ironman Langkawi 09- bike check in
my big friendly 'yellow submarine' @ Ironman Langkawi 09- bike check in. Call it whatever you want but this particular bike has served me good, and did justice too. Its heavy,so what?! I manage a 13:42:00 for IM using this bike. plus my OD races and duathlons. 😛 I heart you yellow submarine.

the only 180km ride for Ironman prep. did Karak-Kuantan with Steve.more like touring.avraged around 26km/h ++
the only 180km ride for Ironman prep. did Karak-Kuantan with Steve.more like touring.averaged around 26km/h ++. No punctures at all along the way.Thank God !
Gasing outing with the guys !
Gasing outing with the guys ! One of the post IM come back slow run. This is the day I shall not forget. Brother Dicky got dropped in the trail and opted out ! (alasan:sesat). Had fun snapping fotos in the bright Sunday sun !! Given the honour by brother Bacin to lead the guys up Gasing. Later had roti canai for breakfast !
PowerBar Team Elite logo launch. PowerBar big boss from Australia, myself and Mr Rahimi
PowerBar Team Elite logo launch. fr Left : PowerBar big boss from Australia, myself and Mr Rahimi. The logo launch at Total Field Sdn Bhd. Thats me receving an Ironman banner-poster (pic of Faris Al Sultan)! Those banners were given away by Powerbar to Powerbar athletes who took part in the recent Ironman Langkawi .

me and my Kuantan kakis after a short but tiring mtb session
me and my Kuantan kakis after a short but tiring mtb session around a week ago.

taking a breather in the greens
taking a breather in the greens, Tiger Hill,Kuantan

So basically I have done some form of workout/training after a month lay-off post IM but minimal. Yesterday I had flu and feel a bit feverish. No not because I’ve been training too hard, but because I’ve done basically nothing at all, I havent sweated out the adrenaline… Well, I did take part in the Bera Eco-Challenge last week. I enjoyed every bit of the course. Only my knee didnt. I came in 8th placing around 4 minutes behind my friend Fong (national rower). Anyways,  meeting with some friends last night brought me to this idea that sometimes we take things for granted. I am not exactly sure what my friend really meant, but he said ‘sometimes we take things for granted.. after Ironman, everything looks easy..’..ahahha…tricky…but anyways..I believe that the drive for IM prep, as well as OD prep, is principally the same. Just the amount of effort and sacrifices are different. Do no be fooled with  ‘..Just the …’..the Just word makes a whole lot of difference to some of the IM finishers.  I can’t wait to share with you my IM experience. I know I will be contributing one of the super late entries for Ironman Langkawi. Im dying to share, but I’m like so caught up with work and other things ! Lets see what my next post will be..u wait….hahahaha…Okay people, adios. missjewelz gotta zzz..tmrw meeting up with Upiq !! Have a beautiful Friday and an awesome weekend too ! Watch out for the XTERRA Malaysia promo at Bombal Run this Sunday. Cau cin cau !!!

where's zeee feettt?!
where's zeee feettt?!

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  1. My feet in the sand

    (where’s zeee feettt?)

    I luv to go to the sea-side
    In my Honda Jazz I ride
    I love to be by the sea
    By the sea at TC
    The sea is a friend of mine
    Any day better than The Mines
    The sea grants me
    this sense of liberty
    as I wade in the water
    and feel the foamy waves rolling there,
    and as I breathe in the salty sea air.
    Down close beside the sea I can watch
    The silver sails unfurl,
    And every rolling, tumbling wave
    Upon the shore uncurl.
    I luv to go to the sea-side
    If only for mere minutes of the day
    My searching soul does always thirst this freedom
    As Mother Sea caresses thoughts at play.
    I luv to watch the waves and beach caressing
    Like artist on canvas draw
    Sands create themselves as artist’s renderings
    As frothy, soft waves rise to shape the shore.
    I luv to go to the sea-side
    And stand in the cool cool water
    With my feet in the sand
    With my Nikon in my hands
    Focusing down to the water
    Snapping my sexy yellow shorts and camera strap
    And my ‘pretty legs’ sigh my friends


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