you look really good today
you look really good today

Hello hello !! šŸ˜› You look really good today ! šŸ˜› Yes, you ! We are sometimes so busy with our life and ‘living’ demands that we sometimes tend to forget to magically pause and simply cherish the beauty that life has for us. Too busy with work, date lines, presentations, write-ups and stresses. I find that people who are in less stress tend to compliment others easier compared to those under pressure. But would it be fair for the stressed out junkies to blurt out painful words and mind ‘blows’ to other friends just because he or she is having a bad day ? Is he or she the only person in the whole wide world having problems ? I guess we all know the answer to this question. There is no single person who does not have a problem. And there is no single walking person who goes through life without them. ‘It’ swings by once in a while. And sometimes too frequently. But again, it is not fair if we connect to other people having the stresses attached and dangling all over. There is nothing wrong with exchanging compliments. As simple as a ‘you look really good today!’. or ‘nice shirt’. A smile or thank you should be more than enough to make a person’s day, or even your day.Does it not make us happy to see other people’s beaming face and happiness (thanks to our initiation) ?

Some people grew up or developed into personalities which are soothing, pleasing, calming, ya know. the ‘always smiling’ type. While some,sadly, is quiet the opposite. You know, the ones always with the alter ego, always looking for other people’s fault, easily pissed off …well, i have lived enough years to differentiate between these two categories of people. And some people fall in the middle zone. It sickens me to my neck , people who can’t seem to have enough. They come into your lives, innocent. They exit your life as devils and father of the devils. Causing more and more pain and pressure at every turn and point of exit. And wait, there is not only one devils, but many ! They come and they go. Taking over your lives. Having no mercy at all what your pre-conditions are ! Whether you just had a bad and stressed out day with your boss, family and banks. They just come as they will. Robbing you of your happiness and peace which you have struggled to gain with all your mighty might.

At one point of time, many of us would sit back and reflect. When will this end. ??Ā  What surprises awaits me round the corner? Can I trust another living soulĀ  now? I am pretty sure many of us can relate to this. Some of our friends (and even colleagues/family members) can’t sit still until they see us in pain, worry, sadness. It psychotically excites them to see that we are reacting to their so-called plan of actions.Devil actions. A simple smile or laughter from us marks the de-glorification of the Devil. The Devil strikes back. Coming with all sort of bad-managed scheme to make our heart , soul and hopes crumble again. The Devil here, i believe, you have seen him. He’s got 2 legs. A pair of lungs. HE BREATHE THE SAME AIR THAT WE BREATHE. HE IS ……HUMAN……

So friends, be aware that we do not deserve this unfair treatment. BeingĀ  jollied by the Devil. We do not deserveĀ  to be directed by this force. We do not want it to take over our lives and cause more misery than we already have at the moment. Hadn’t we. If someone challenges to play with your trustworthiness, your respect and dignity, it is your utmost right and power to stop it. You know this proverb; what goes around comes around.Do not reactĀ  when there’s no reason to. Do not fall into the game of the Devil. I warn you fellow humans. Life is pretty short to have all this mess going on around you, or perhaps..in you..Ā  Learn to make other people happy. Even you’re 45 or 57 years old, ‘service ‘ your soul once in a while.Ā  Check if every component is alright. Double-check if your ‘wires’ are still intact. Same goes to the younger generation, yes, you kids, the teenagers, the youth. Do re-organize your life before you start organizing others’. Look at your own flaws before pointing at others and telling them how bad and evil they are. You may not know what lurks in you until you look hard enough.

Make a person happy everyday. That should be your mission. What you give you get back . I had enough of bad days and sad nights. It’s time to make the world a happier place to live in. Hey, I think you look really look good today ! Hey, is that a smile appearingĀ  at the corner of your lips? šŸ˜›

Do feel free to leave any comments in my blog as i do cherish feedback from my readers. To those who have left comments before, Thank You !

the black and white potrait by missjewelz
the black and white potrait by missjewelz
Learn to make people happy. Live a happy, vibrant but humble life ! Amen.
Learn to make people happy. Live a happy, vibrant but humble life ! Amen.

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  1. Discovery
    Ā© By April E. Curro

    The Power of light,
    the cover found by night.
    Questions with no answers,
    often betrayed by sight.
    Truth is often lost,
    hearts do pay the cost.
    Reality no longer felt,
    all the cards have been dealt.
    Fading fast but burning bright,
    once a game is now a fight.
    Desperately longing to hold love near,
    accepting the demons and things you most fear.
    Trying hard to embrace the life that you know,
    Having the courage to finally let go.

  2. A matured, truly and interesting write up and I really enjoy reading through it. Angel will triumph over the devil. Life is short and try to make yr life meaningful and make others happy while yoy can…:) Keep smiling

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