Sunday morning

FROM missjewelz FACEBOOK NOTE :-

facebook has this edge that makes u wanna write and write more. previously before i had an fb acc. my only outlet wud be my blog then comes fb. Easier and more user friendly in terms of updating urself/ur network. some say fb i just a stage where u put up all ur plays and dramas, for ur network to see, at least the things u want them to see.anyways, i thought of writing a.k.a sharing some pointers on my history assignment up here. but as i type these words, i thought better put it in my blog ! been a while since i last updated it. say before Ironman. Ironman resport also not yet it ! When i write my race report, i write em thouroughly, again for the sake of sharing. and of course, for something for me to one day look back and smile. hehee.. im trying to picture myself with my child or granchildren (insyaAllah), telling them , thats mummy did Ironman.haha..


anyways, fb is great. social networking better than before. at least better than friendster. to my friends who i havent added their link in my blog, let me know yeah. do drop by at missjewelz. im thinking of putting a another new page/tab for nutrition& healthy eating/cooking recipe..ahhaha.. learning to make fruit salad now..hahah.. improving slowly lah. hahaha… 27 y/o tak pandai masak lagi! (not my exact worry now..) 😛 im spending my Sunday with a Maslow book , and 3 articles which im still reading, ..1 chapter eview, and another critical essay ;from brother Zaki (my lecturer): Read the three references categorized under ‘References: Assignment 2’.  The main reference is the article ‘Why I Am Against Psychology’.  You are required to write a reply to the arguments in the article in an essay entitled ‘Why I Am For Psychology’. the 3 articles i mentioned tadi ;

1. two-edged sword : psychology , pseudopsychology
2. psychology ; science or religion
3. why am i against psychology

for my Maslow assignment, just a chapter review. let me get it done with this one first !!! my finals coming up pretty soon…

ok, logging off now. nak mandi and haf breakfast.

to all friends who is cycling rite now, enjoy ah ! ahahaha..dont worry. i am not missing anything !

those going for Kenyir, I wish u all the best !!!!!! go Kash ! 😛


water bottle shower post maiden Broga ride !
water bottle shower post maiden Broga ride !


guess who ? pic courtesy of ms tini. thanks!
guess who ? pic courtesy of ms tini. thanks!


pretty ladies in a row. err...IronLadies?! michelle looi,missjewelz & teryn
pretty ladies in a row. err...IronLadies?! michelle looi,missjewelz & teryn




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