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In early 2007 , 2 weeks before A Famosa tri, I was requested by a friend to accompany him for the A Famosa Triathlon as support cum photographer. I ended up taking part in the sprint category.It took me 2 weeks of prep. At that time I never took part in any tri-s before, and never imagined bumping into it at the 1st place !  Fast forward to 2009, I have(humbly) completed 3 sprint tris in 07, 2 ODs and 1 half ironman distance(desaru) in 08, and in 09 will be attempting my 1st Ironman. I am leaving in a short while to Langkawi for  D day this Saturday.

Training report and race report will come in after I come back from Langkawi.  I know I have been keeping quiet on my training. No worries, I have PLENTY of time to write after i come back ya.

I am praying hard that I will make it through the finish line no matter how long it takes and doesnt matter if it exceeds th 17 hours.  Some of my friends who will be doing Ironman Langkawi are panicking already (even for their 2nd attempt). Me?  would be lying if I say I am not nervous. I am nervous as this will be my first attempt. Despite the 20 weeks training, I can’t relatively tell how physically and mentally prepared I am. The best thing for me is to do with I have prepared with and for. I’ve done my ‘homework’ and ‘revision’, so Saturday will be test day. I was also reminded by friends to remember to take it easy, pace, and enjoy. Thanks guys !

To all friends taking part, I wish all of you the best ! to all support crews, photographers, waterboys/gals, volunteers, organizers, thank you !!!

Here’s a quick list of of friends who will be taking part, sorry if i miss out a few :-

1. Hafiz Wong

2. Jusry

3.Major Kalam

4. Stupe

5. Kam (IM virgin)

6. Tarzan

7.Dr Fiona Lim

8. Don Khor

9. Ngae

10. Azmar

11. Tan Suet Fong

12. Nurashid @ Robo

13. AJ

14. Soffian

15. Halim J.

16. Michelle Looi (IM Virgin)

17. Jason Thiang

18. Raymond Hee

19. Raymong Ng (IM Virgin)

20. Lee Puh Heng

21. Kevin Siah

22. Keat Seong

23. Yusran Yusoff

24.Emma Bishop

25. Carmen Leong

26. Sam Pritchard

27. Chan Jun Shen

28. Yip Omar

29. Kabi

30. Adzim

31. Abu

32. Adeline Lee

33. Denis Oakley

34. Ishal

35. Ariff

36. May Senn

37. Chan Jun Shen

38. Farid Abdul Fatah

39. other UPNM cadets who will be doing IM tis Saturday

40. Zabil

Support crews/photographers

sifu SK, TSB Kharis, Luvis, Jason Hue, Bandit


Special credits

To Powerbar Malaysia for sponsoring me for this event. This will be my second race this year as a member of the Powerbar Team Elite (1st race was in GE30K), and my first sponsored race as a team elite. So many thanks to Mr Rahimi (Powerbar business development manager), Mr Shahrol, Ms Roslizawati @ Jaja for the endless support and encouragement.

Not forgetting the guys from TotalField. Thanks for customzing my apparel and also my friends’ !! You guys rock. C u in Lkawi!

Special wish

To my sayang who will also be taking part in IML 09. It will be his 2nd Ironman. So all the best to you baby. Love you loads.


okay, sayonara to all ! I promise to take nice pics during my 5 days in Langkawi ! hahaha… ok, ciao ! p.s. you can check lve update during te race at



my sayang !
my sayang !


This way to IM Dot !!
This way to IM Dot !!

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