Perhentian Island Challenge- Part 2

This is the continuation from PIC Part 1. Just wanna do  a special shout out hiyah to all my new friends whom I met and made throughout the Perhentian Challenge. From the bus journey, to the sumbat-in-one-chalet- moments..hahahah… 

Diba, right most (in red jersey)
Diba, right most (in red jersey)

Initially it was a team per tent. But since Bad, me, Diba and Zul tagged along frm the journey, we switched partners (as in Diba and I, and Bad with Zul) for each tent.  Limau came along, rented a chalet..and uhm.. we all transferred to the mini-hotel ! That’s when the Pakcik chalet bising2 coz he said the chalet is only for 4 person…. the way he bising2 to Limau unacceptable .. owh..dgn sebangsa ponya la rude.. but with omputeh..(mat salleh), pijak semut pon tak mati..

the picture above was taken at Dataran Syahbandar.. where we gathered to have breakfast after the long journey, before resuming to the jetty

First time meeting Diba. 🙂 Nice gal. Very d small and cute one, yet strong ! don’t play2 leh…

Zukhairi (zol), second from left, next to Bad
Zukhairi (zol), second from left, next to Bad

 Zukhairi a.k.a Zol..  first time jumpa during the journey.. Malaysia kayaker. I didn’t know him, but he spoke like he knew me for a while..hah.. and i joking-sarcastically said, ‘aku tak kenal ko pon…’..meaning, hey i dont know you. (and heart says, how come this guy is talking like he’s so familiar with me?!)..but anyways, he didnt take it too seriously. i clarified i was joking, yet sarcastically ! nice dude..learnt some new vocab from him.. like ‘dowhhh…..’ . Zul, humble, funny and cool dude.  Bila next race la weii ??

Limau in action...
Limau in action...
Limau; another sportsperson. He came to watch and support us. and yeah, snap around with his nikon slr. check out his bod ..haha..bley tahan for someone kecik like him, check out d bod! but very big-hearted lah weii… he helped my team (Starkst)  when our kayakcapsized at the beach. Thanks ya Limau. and hey, in case you don’t speak Malay and wondering what Limau means ..well, limau means orange. the fruit ..huhuh..
kak jewelz and adik-adik Island..huhuhuh..
kak jewelz and adik-adik Island..huhuhuh..

the tropical skin..hey..check out the adik2 island’s skin.. tan huh ?! and check out mine ? picture taken during the prize presentation ceremony. I was busy attending to the kids..(sounds like im their mum pulak!) cewah..chit chatting away with them, and playing math quiz with themm, and also showing them pics from my digi camera. boy were they fascinated ! fun..reminds me of my own siblings when they were small. anyways, I lost the paper which I wrote one of their names and address. ..humm.. looks like ive to wait another year before I could pass them this picture. !

whatz this thing called ?! vehicle ?!
whatz this thing called ?! vehicle ?!

this was during 1 of the stops on the way back to KL. me; as usual , with my ‘bekalan’.. and check out the toliet slipper.. foot aching badly ..zul talking to the uncle on the …vehicle. Guy in red shorts in Rashid a.k.a Jakull. He took part in the Novice category.


I had fun in Perhentian eventhough I suffered a bit during the race. The tow rope ! Wasn’t used to it. And never trained with it ! Once Bad (my team mate) took it off only could i run better with no movement restrictions !!


ok, thats it for now.. Powerman duathlon and Penang Bridge Marathon report coming up !


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