Powerman 2008 and Trikidz

Powerman Malaysia

Powerman Duathlon d-day :- this Sunday , November 9th 2008. To all friends taking part as individual or in the relay, I wish you all the best !! 🙂 I will be going also ! Doing the individual event. So see you guys there at start line ! After start line, its your own journey lah yekk…hihih..nah, just kidding.  Don’t forget to enjoy the race  🙂 Hope it wont rain..and really prayin it wont get sooooo hot especially for run 2 !

I’ve been stuck with the academiae life the past 2 months , exams. And my last paper was only like 2 days ago. 🙂 Basically not enough preparation for this race. I was all out during the Perhentian Island Challenge race as there was no exams that time, but right after PIC had to slowly give way for my top priority… Plus the training concentration has shifted for my big race next year. anyways, I’m praying and praying I could finish the race ! I ‘thought’ duathlon is not as hard as triathlon. Boy was I wrong ! A friend of mine said Powerman is harder than Desaru Long Distance (thats half-ironman distance FYI –> 2km swim, 90km bike, 21km run). Poweman Individual long distance is 11km Run – 64km Bike – 10km Run . I prepared quite okay for my Desaru race, managed to enjoy it (Thank God), and managed to impress myself with my timing even without a target time at the first place. So, no target time for this race ! Just DU it ! Let’s see how true are my friend’s words .. 🙂

I’ve done several duathlons now, but never the full distance, only the sprint ones , spesifically the one in UM last year, and of course MUDS(malakoff university duathlon series) this year. I admit I am worried and excited at the same time. Whatever it is, will do my best not to bonk early, race smart, and not be too serious on race course. A few of my friends complained I looked so serious  that when they cheered my name I didn’t even holla back ! Yikes !!!!! (I know there will be many familiar faces tomorrow and d-day.)..So i’ll remind myself just that, not so serious please ! Just like another reunion eh !

UM Duathlon last year. i came in 3rd for Women Open.
UM Duathlon last year. i came in 3rd for Women Open. Fr left to right : Stephanie Chok, Nurina, missJeweLz, Major Kalam Pie


 So, again, all the best to all friends taking part !! and to myself too !!!! Yikes !!!!!!


Something else to add to the anxiety… –> last year’s W20-29 result

Position Category Name Country Race


FINISH Run1 T1 Cycle T2 Run2 Club


W20-29 Natcha Pianprasobsuk Thailand 372 3:57:12 0:47:51 0:01:00 2:07:05 0:01:16 0:59:58 Thailand









W20-29 Norfarahdini Zakaria Malaysia 417 3:59:19  0:55:34 0:01:04 1:57:46 0:00:58 1:03:54








W20-29 Sumiko Tan Sok Hue Singapore 377 4:00:49  0:52:36 0:01:49 2:14:16 0:01:20 0:50:46 Macritchie Runners 25








W20-29 Stephanie Wang Tingxi Singapore 376 4:01:46  0:54:35 0:00:57 2:10:18 0:00:51 0:55:02








W20-29 Kok Hui Ping Singapore 367 4:05:45  0:54:40 0:00:45 2:06:57 0:00:55 1:02:25








W20-29 Tan Suet Fong Malaysia 360 4:07:34  0:56:37 0:01:41 2:10:48 0:01:18 0:57:08 Batu Dam








W20-29 Jasmine Ooi Malaysia 363 4:10:48  0:54:04 0:01:05 2:06:26 0:01:10 1:08:00







W20-29 Teryn Tham Singapore 378 4:14:09  0:57:05 0:01:36 2:11:10 0:02:00 1:02:15







W20-29 Karen Siah E-Ling Malaysia 365 4:15:38  0:56:56 0:01:14 2:18:50 0:01:14 0:57:20 PowerBar








W20-29 Charlene Tay Singapore 361 4:28:12  1:01:04 0:02:25 2:25:02 0:01:02 0:58:36








W20-29 Karen Toh Beng Fen Singapore 366 4:51:16  1:01:42 0:02:11 2:26:11 0:02:10 1:19:00 CNB Cycling Club








W20-29 Nazihah Abdul Ghani Malaysia 373 4:54:09  1:02:22 0:01:35 2:36:59 0:01:21 1:11:51








W20-29 Lim Miao Jing Singapore 369 4:54:19 

1:03:28 0:01:55 2:35:27 0:01:56 1:11:31

14  W20-29 Lim Miow Chin Malaysia 




370 5:13:06  1:04:28 0:01:53 2:30:35 0:01:31 1:34:37


If you’ve been following my last few race reports, I’ve mentioned the name Teryn Tham. A Singapore triathlete. She sayured me in A Famosa by exactly 2 minutes. But in Desaru, somehow, I overtook her during the last few kilometres in the run leg and crossed the finish line 2 minutes before her. 🙂 She actually came up to me the next morning before the prize giving ceremony, saying that she couldn’t keep up with my run….that is because I was already so high in the race , no pain, run faster la.. hihih..well, I’m looking forward to meet her in Powerman ! Hope she’s coming ! Then can really berentap coz there’s no swim in Duathlon ! I came out of the water 13 minutes behind her in Desaru. Beat that ! Anyways, Theryn Tam is another source of inspiration, motivation and competition. I know my level, and I should know who to pick as my closest competitor. Its part of the game. Kita main lumba-lumba. Sapa sampai dulu menang. Familiar?  😛




The third Trikidz is coming up ! 29 and 30th November at the University Malaya Sports Complex. Yes, venue has been changed. Original venue was UPNM in Sg Besi Camp. To all parents whose children are taking part, please update yourselves with our latest announcements at the Trikidz Malaysia website http://www.trikidzmalaysia.blogspot.com . We will post the map to the sports complex soon, online.


For more info, please click on the Trikidz tab above. Thank you. God Bless Malaysia. Change We Can ! 🙂


Desaru LD 08
Desaru LD 08

















































































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