Good bye Ramadhan & Welcome Syawal !

Fasting month this year was nothing like the any other years before. It zoomed by.Fast, quick and swift. Alhamdulillah, everything went well, with the fasting.And this year’s fasting I manage not to go to any ramadhan bazaar. Study, work and other activities continues as usual. . I was too busy with so many things else, so thats why not really musch leisure time to do pasar ramadhans !

ramadhan bazaar bizarre
ramadhan bazaar bizarre

The academic part was monotonous for the first half of the month. Second half was quite stressful, especially with the assignments and tests+quizzes. I promised to give myself more space for my studies but it seems that I was more interested in the Friday runs up Genting, the hike up Bukit Tabur,night runs, Bukit Gasing trail running, you name it.




And suddenly I wonder, how come only during fasting month I’m suddenly all out with the training ! Well, not really all out.. No swimming AND cycling for the past 1 month. The last long ride was a 160km with Shazly, Stupe , Fong and Rashid . Well, maybe thats the answer to That question.. or maybe , no? I don’t know !!


Reloading at medan selera, felda something something, Bentong..
Reloading at medan selera, felda something something, Bentong..

All I know is, I had fun doing hill and endurance training the past for weeks, and on top of that, the get-togethers with both old and new friends which I met during the sessions, especially during Friday nite Genting Run! I wont list all here, but to all I met during the Genting run, yeah, the 3 weeks of back to back gila run, NICE TO MEET ALL OF YOU !! Luvis, AJ, Lyn my senior from high school , Doc Hisyam , sapa lagik.. the tri community; Stupe, Shazly, Arif, May Senn , the subang paku team; Esmen, Su Ye, Chiew, Stephen..! and everyone else ! Thanks for adding the fun !


1km to go ! -Genting Highlands-
1km to go ! -Genting Highlands-
Genting run #1
Genting run #1

I’m not sure if I’ve achieved my fasting month goal which is a plus 3 to my last measured weight.. if achieved, then it should be around 55-56kg now..but I dont havea weighing scale.. wait..maybe there’s one somewhere in my house..kejap..brb.

Elu.. 😦 weighing machine says I didnt try hard enough and that I was too lazy to eat.. 😦 Or maybe I do eat but not /enough so much. So must eat more..and next year GO to the ramadhan bazaar !! Don’t  be lazy !! 23-23km up Genting can, but a quick run to the less-than-1km-away bazaar suddenly becomes so distant.. uhmm… My current weight : 52.5 kg ! So, it seems like another raya resolution will be added to my list ..that is to put on weight !! (So many list this raya.. )

October will be a pretty busy month. And the same goes, I guess, to all my Ironman bound friends, both 1st timers and non-1st timers !! Today raya.. (my watch shows 12:40am 1/10/2008)..Day after tomorrow go to Kuantan.. This weekend, ShihMing+Raymond’s birthday bash, next Monday, class and submit Usul al Fiqh assignment, next weekend cousin’s wedding and Wataniah annual camp (Fri-Sun), week after ; Perhentian Island Challenge, then …exams !!! Arrghhhh!!!!

Scary ain’t it… (yeah, like Duh!).. I’m so hooked to facebook.. not to the point of being addicted..  even my wordpress blog is secretly complaining that I haven’t been updating it coz i found another lover.. hehe..

Here are my  2008 Raya Resolutions :

1. the 5 times a day.. kena improve lagi !!!
2. Eat more and healthily ! and achieve 55kg by end of this month !
3. Sleep early.Everyday.. latest : 12am.  (today not counted)
4. More time for smart studying/revising
5.Less facebooking , meaning less time online. *if only there’s a counsellor can help stop you from getting addicted to facebooking, or a policeman who can fine you for facebooking too much..*
6. Discpline and on track with my IM training program. *missJeweLz so excited*
7. Should be more ‘excited’ with the academia side, not actually, but REALly ! a good girl + patch up all the things that need some patching… 🙂
9. no last minute plans for whatsoever activities.. (good luck!)
10. all out for the final exams..! go Jewelz !

My raya wish list :

1. an Olympus 850 or…. maybe the Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX3 which  TSB suggested..(looking into it..)
2. a new pair of glasses.. (already ordered.. Siap this thursday..)
3.a new pair of shoes for PIC…my  nike pegasus trail shoe sudah kaput..
4. some extra cash….? errr,…


And you? Whats on your raya wishlist/resolution if any ?

Apa-apa pon , I wanna wish all my family members and Muslim friends a happy and blessful Raya ! Eid Mubarak !Remember, raya is not about getting back to the old you, but  to the better you !!  Maaf zahir dan batin .. zero-zero ya ! halal makan minum hutang tersilap terkasar bahasa tergossip you know what i mean. Hihihih !!! Okay, signing off..ciao !!

Eid Mubarak everyone !
Eid Mubarak everyone !

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