Dumb Miscaller of The Week

The crosslines, the misscalls.. so annoying  !! Its only Thursday but I think I have to announce a.s.a.p the ‘Dumb Miscaller of The Week..’ . I was in my Arabic class, so had to switch the phone to silent. Later when I realized that there’s a miscall from dis unknown number, I texted the number..


missJeweLz : Yes ?

Dumb miscaller : No ?

missJeweLz : Who is dis ? I got a misscall.

Dumb miscaller : Really ? R u sure ? May I know wh’s dis ?

missJeweLz :  I got a misscall frm ur number. Juliana here.

Dumb miscaller : Oo yea.. It’s suddenly.. Huhu.. Zack here..Whre r u ?

missJeweLz : Have u got d wrong number or what ?

Dumb miscaller : Im not sre, i thnk so. My mstake..Sory2.. Is thre any prblm ?


Bongok punya misscaller.. ‘Is thre any prblm ?’ Biol bin Buntu lah miscaller nieh.. kalu dah tercrossline or ter miscall, cakap sorry sudah..ni nak tanya kat mana lah apa lah.. and on top of that.. ‘Is thre any problm?’.. nak hatuk jer orang tuh. but since its Ramadhan, malas la nak cari pasal. But the misscaller’s sms to me is damn damn damn annoying !!!

dumb !
dumb !

8 thoughts on “Dumb Miscaller of The Week

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  1. dont loose sleep over it, just one of the days and we all know they are lotz of dumb ppl around us. this fellar will probably be laughing and having a good nite sleep.

  2. biasalah buaya daratlah tu nak pikat ko… atau kata je nak jumpa i tak? jomlah esok kita pergi genting 9.30pm , berlarilah 😀

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