jewelz..and budakz budakz…

I seem to connect with kids. The cute sweet ones i mean. 🙂 This morning Subuh prayer at the mosque. Was so tempted to take fotos of these cute little ones in their telekong.  So adorable ! But the one in the pink telekong takdak gigi..gigi sudah hitam hitam..but still, cute ! Najwa is her name.


adik Najwa
adik Najwa

 A normal scene in the mosque..budak2 lepak belakang saff..Adik nie relax abes..

buat apa tuh dek ?
buat apa tuh dek ?
najwa and kak julie !
najwa and kak julie !

 It wasn’t hard to snap a foto with this cute one ! She was fascinated with the Iphone.


alahai comel nye !
alahai comel nye !

These ones senyap sikit…


friendly najwa in the foto (left  most)
friendly najwa in the foto (left most)

 friendly najwa volunteered to be in the foto .. and, she invited another person in! behind the girl in the blue tudung..can u see? hidden..



 my student, Hafizudding, trying hard to hafal his sifir !!

1 of my students
Ain, 1 of my students

 ni makcik yang terror nie dah sampai sifir 7. She loves to read . Took part in the 2nd Trikidz.Came in 6th.




me and Zabil’s kidz ; Aiman and Adrianna..adrianna botak lagi…….


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  1. I’m student, too. and i’m somehow athlet, but not as much as you!
    i like soccer and vallyball and play them. i would like to have communication with you, so i wanted to send u 2 picture of myself but i didn’t have ur e-mail address. plz send me your Id. my Id is
    I’m looking forward recieving ur answer as soon as possiple

    I saw ur Gallery and your races. Do u have any Medal?

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