A good tricky maiden half ironman at Desaru !


Hope i did myself justice with the title for my Desaru Triathlon  ! I arrived at Desaru on Friday with no target time wutsoeva.. just wanna give my best shot and finish it. And I did.  🙂 Here’s my result :

Swim : 1hr 11mins

Bike : 3hrs 15mins

Run : 1hr 57mins

Total time : 6hrs 25mins

Position : 10, but dropped to 11 coz 1 lady from the other age group(35&above), suddenly change to 16-34 category(my category) after unofficial result came out..terlepas top 10…aduh…

Malaysian : 3rd after Steph and Fong

Summary :  : )

More report coming later…wait up !!

*pics courtesy of Farid (AbuPower’s cousin,michelle looi and also Mr Rahimi of Powerbar)
[previous are temporarily removed and will be reuploaded once treated !]

8 thoughts on “A good tricky maiden half ironman at Desaru !

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  1. hi julie,

    Didn’t know you were so fast. I couldn’t follow you on the run.

    But sorry to hear they messed up your position. Anyway…train harder, u surely got potential.

  2. Hi,congratz of ur feat at the desaru,i m still out of joining the triathlon,jealousla i….ha!regards of u said cant find my link is actually’hidden’,its locate well after the section of (Time Achieved by our members in 1 lap Lingkaran Ilmu 2.3km+-).just click the + the u will see..;-).Hav a nice day..

  3. wah… nie semua ckp aku laju nieh..sebenarnye tidak…byk lg kena improve !!! huhuh… ada cerita di sebalik kelajuan aku tuh…hahahah… okay, tunggu part 2 report desaru aku… huhuh…

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