Just wanna finish it !

Given the best which i could afford to prepare for my final tri race this year.. and not only its the final one, but also my first Long Distance triathlon a.k.a. half-Ironman triathlon. Last year I completed my sprint tris series at Desaru, and this year’s will end with a Long Distance race. Here’s the race distance :

Long Distance Triathlon

Swim : 2.0 KM
Bike : 90.0 KM
Run : 21.0 KM

So basically its 1/2 Ironman..  And my aim is to cross the finish line.Alive. No specific time target.

L.D. abbreviation for long distance is no problem to us triathletes.. and then someone comes up to you asking are you taking relay or ‘indie’.. and you go ‘What?’ (pretending not to understand..)..Not it only sounds ‘unsuitable..’, its sounds so yucky and that the person is trying very hard to impress you with his/her triathlon vocabulary..  No offense to anyone. And if I’m wrong, that this ‘indie’ word is actually used to refer to ‘individual’, please let me know..

I was thinking about this abbreviation thingy and wanted to write a post on it for a long time.. specifically the abbreviations normally used in Malaysia/Klang Valley (e.g. MRR2,AKLEH), or even the ones we think we know when we actully pretend to know..or cant be bothered to find out..(e.g. P.S. , ETC., R.S.V.P.).. Frankly speaking, I only knew this year that MRR2 stands for ‘middle ring road 2’.. Will write more on this in the next post ya..

My friend Azmar wont be able to compete in this weekend’s triathlon due to the fractured clavicle (collarbone), and also a bit of the shoulder blade..  I was at the scene, … well, a bit up front, he was sprinting at the back when the unexpected slip took place.. something wrong with the cleat or something.. The fell/crash was so loud that I actually thought a car hit 1 of us.. (na’uzubillah..) seriously, kuat giler.. I quickly glanced at the back and at the same time May Senn shouted ‘someone fell !’.. i transmitted the message to the riders at the front..Syaaban and another guy, can’t really remember who.. but we quickly gathered at the scene.. asking Azmar if he’s okay, if his head is spinning, .. He said kepala tak pening ..Just that he couldn’t lift his left arm..sakit.. Shazly said it could be just an abrasion..coz we could only see flesh..and no bruises.. bruises may indicate a fractured or broken bone..but it was too soon to tell. One of the guys went back to get the car to send Azmar to the Serdang Hospital. His bike rim a bit bengkok..

azmar in green jersey. tatz me in the Met helmet
azmar in green jersey. tatz me in the Met helmet

He is currently resting at home, occupying a full time job covering all the Olympic events. I have yet to visit him, but do keep in touch with him time to time. His right hand still functioning lah of course. So still bley text and make calls. But problem to drive lah. How do you steer and change the gear with only 1 hand? I know la some of you expert.. Basically Azmar, i hope you rest and heal well and soon ! 🙂 But as u said, everything ada hikmahnya rite. 🙂 Will be missing you kat Desaru ! But if you could come , lagi bagus ! Heheheh.. 

To all taking part in Desaru, all the best ! 🙂 All the best for myself also ! Less nervous this time. But let me give it the best ! Strategies : tak nak pancit awal-awal.. maintain pace masa swim.. its a 2k swim.. Tarzan  (Ungku Azhar) mentioned its choppy water and strong wind this time around over in Desaru..so, people,hope we will all prepare for this..  especially me ! My swim is not strong.Still working to improve on that bit. For my cycle, I hope I could get my new bike on time for Desaru..mechanic said still adjusting it.. and hopefully i would maintain the speed , no unnecessary sprints of course .. and also for the last leg(run), hopefully no blisters ! I had to run a much slower pace at PD Tri dus to blister on the inner sole/foot. I plan to pakai socks this time…! My new NB 768 shoes will be in action this weekend..!

NB 768
NB 768

Okaylah, cau cin cau.. take care y’all ! Good luck again for Desaru !

Good Luck !
Good Luck !

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  1. Hey! dont know whether you remember me from MUDS? would love to take part in the sprint at desaru! but i’m alone – no kaki.. and i’m new to it.. any advice?

  2. Hey babe, good luck in your Desaru, seems like you are gonna be really long on your feet. Are you sure its a good idea to wear the new NB? Get a good socks to counter those blisters. All the best!

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