Wanna write.. but now… H.U.N.G.R.Y….

I guess my friends are more excited than I am for my next update..  >> the MALAKOFF University Duathlon Series<< Relax la farid (cousin si Abu and Saiful).. aku balik tadi terus tido sampai ke petang… I’ve been racing week after week (mcm aku sorang la race back2back ye…)..but the worst was last week lah. Saturday morning duathlon at UKM, afternoon ; rush to PD, afternoon-petang, promote Trikidz, mlm ; carbo-load, race briefing, then tmrw morning OD.. lucky the next morning tak penat sangat..hahah..anyway, I had a good time doing my 2nd leg of MUDS . Total fun compared to the 1st leg. 1st leg best jugak, but this time, more crowd coz those who didn’t come last week (coz they went to PD also..) turn up to support the event this week despite the killer hill a.k.a Bukit Cinta in UM . Notably, Shahrom, Zabil, Iwata-san, Ngae who took part in relay , and a few others. Met some new friends, from UTM, and a few other people ; cant remember their names. Hopefully they’ll come next week.

I didn’t wear my contact lense today. So, if I lambat siket nak Hi tadi, sorry !! But its not like I’m totally blind sampai tak nampak. Masa kayuh, nampak lagi jalan. Banyak humps kat UM compared to UKM. Nasib baik nampak jugak. Guys and gals don’t do this..bahaya.. jangan malas pakai contacts/glasses. Anyway, this year, I tak malu2 time turun bukit after the big Cinta Hill tuh. Last year masa UM-NFC Duathlon (i came in 3rd for women open) , punya la control ayu turun bukit, sikit2 break, sikit2 break. Ya la, scared ma.. but that was last year. This year, huhuh.. full speed..

Kay lah peepz, my tummy already growling .. siap nyanyi lagi.. Cau cin cau,barli suam… Will write later or tomorrow morning..hahaha..

To all finishers, congrats !!! All are winners ! Hope to see the same faces and more new faces next week la!! To Doc Azman , sekalung tahniah yg besaq  to you !! Best dapat lari ramai2 tadi..hahaha.. tc. -jewelz-


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