London bound

My flight is in a few hours time. Stealing a few minutes here to do a quick-update. Last Saturday , took part in my 2nd track meet in 11 years. The 1st time was in MASUM ealier this year, and the 2nd time in the 8th Pacesetters Athletic Track Meet held last at the Panasonic Stadium, Shah Alam.


Took part in 2 individual events ; 100m and 400m , and 3 relay events ; 4x100m, 4x 400m and mixed relay. Bagged 4 golds out of the 5 events . Nearly (quite a big nearly..) took the Sportswomanship award, but lost it to a 12 year old, who broke the record for 200m under-12.. hehe.. false trigger from Jason, and a few other Pacesetters who told me I hae a big chance winning the award..

Anyway, for full results, please go to

The following morning , took part in a small run, yeah a 7km Sime Darby Run.. got 1st place again.. huhu..alhamdulillah. No medals, but I got RM1K richer that day.heheh..

I got a C for my Arabic, which is considered good, coz i was targeting something much more worse than that.. Lucky me, and Alhamdulillah I don’t have to repeat the arabic course. Next semester starts next Monday. =)

So, tata all of you !! If I can update from London I will. See ya !



my youngest brother,Iskandar and my medals


Off to London.Bye !!


p.s. resuming training for PD triathlon in London..huhuhu..


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