Friendship’s Value Revisited:Attempts by Eddie 2make Julie laugh


Friends who are true
Will stick to you like a Uhu glue
They don’t slip away like an eel
When you grab them as you squeal…
Where is my soul mate ?
Why is he so late ?
Cos life is worth the living
When you keeps on believing
That friendships are friends and ships
That help you to equip
For Life long journey
Which is not all sweet and honey
But friendship is worth it all
Especially when you fall
Only to get up again
Don’t you not refrain ?
But think on what has happened
And what do you reckoned ?
Was it painfully sweet and spicy ?
Or was it a bit dicey ?
What ?!! you are not that choosey !!
Cos it makes you happy
Cos friendship is spice
Giving meaning to Life
Cos friendship is priceless
Its nature selfless
But then again… what if…
Then the grief…
Is it really worth it ?
Or you doubt it ?
Will your heart be broken
And you cry an ocean
For that one person
Without rhyme or reason
But it’s true my friend
From now till the end
The answer is the same, again
The answer is the same, again
Go and give yourself away
Go love selflessly today
You will find love come back your way
For friendships are more than just Life’s flavorful spice
Every act of love you give will come back to bless you twice!


Dear all, the above poem was written for me by a friend  🙂 Just wanna share it with you all ! 🙂

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