Arabic exam tomorrow..0900hrs..wish me luck !

yeah.. exam tomorrow..but still maintaining the revision pace..tak laju tak slow.. pretty alarming eh.. pretty relaxed ? not really..just going through my notes..and rewriting words yang i tak hapaii(memorize) lagi.. now tgh revise how to convert from mufrad(singular) to jama'(plural).. belum pass lagi …argh… mu’allim (1 teacher), mu’allimaani (2 teachers) and mu’allimuun (teachers)..and of course, its written in arabic.. not romanized lah.. adik2 nak belajar lagi ? sure… An African >> afriiqiyyun. 2 Africans >> Afriiqiyyaani and Africans >> Afriiqiyyuun..


-many Malay names and terms are derived from you know? and the meaning ?

Jamil/Jamilah = beautiful

Ali= tall

Said/Saeed = happy

Zaki/Zakiah = clever

Mumtaz= excellent

Latif = pleasent

sirwal = seluar (Malay for pants)

kitaab = kitab (book)

tabiib = tabib (doctor)

aakhiru= akhir(end)

awwalu= awal(beginning)

And many more…………..

kaylah.. just dropping by…missed writing long posts and uploading fotos to be shared…lepas exam okay ?!!! tata titi tutu !!!





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  1. Hi Julie, hope your arabic exams went well. I still do not have your contact num. Drop me a mail when you are over with your exam stress, will ya? Speaking of training not underway yet…I haven’t swam since A Famosa and Miri’s this weekend already :-s. Anyways, good luck in your exams and hear from you soon!

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