So much work !

Beijing report for the uni  office not yet in, scrapbook for the recent wataniah recruit havent even started, my so-planned Arabic notes belum buat,my training for PDtriathlon is NOT underway..(on the way lah!!).. and uhm..aya.. and i’ve to get all of these done by this month . But still got time for training lah. PD tri is next month. Not going to Miri or Kenyir.But might go for theIpoh International Run on July 6. Might. Anyway, just to share a good news to all my friends. My dearest and bestest friend, Alin is 6 months pregnant. So happy for her lah ! Introduced her to her future hubby in 2005 ,future hubby happened to be my senior in high school.Went to her wedding last year, and now she’s expecting her 1st child..:)


Last weekend was superb. 1st time joining the Pacemaker Relay Run 4×3.3km in conjuntion withther 4t Anniversary. Joined the vet vet team to replace lian bee hoon. Will write about it in another post. Sekarang tak sempatlah.. hehehe.. but hang on.. i promise it will be a good one..hahah..good,funny,…ha, semua-semua lah.

Gotta finish my ‘other’ works 1st. Cheers to all !


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