Been a while..

missjewelzBeen a while since my last entry.. To tell you the truth.. I dont have a functioning camera anymore.. my Nikon sudah kaput.. and so is my Sony.. all i’m left with is an ole-skool film Olympus.. The 1st item I would place in my wish list this year , for my birthday this coming August, would be a camera..which brand and model ?? still surveying la dude.. seems that i’ve to wait another year for my roadbike….its 5am in the morning..and i’m still up..doing nothing specific..had a superlate dinner.. a bowl of pasta. no pasta just ate it with tuna chunks. also had quaker much of healthy and economical diet huh.. hahh..some more with the price hike and all..might as well rethink that tempation for the new mcdonald burger..what its called again ?? mega somethin ? my brother, Yasir ,told me he had 1.. im impressed.. he doesnt usually it that much.and portions would normally be small to moderate.



Many things going on my mind actually.. I’m taking Arabic language this semester.. and my arabic officially sucks !!!! Ma is mu ka ? (What is your name?).. Kaifa haluka? (How are you?).. Have to work on it more. Finals in less than 2 weeks . Luckily I do not have any other subjects this semester.



jewelz&malcolmxThe other things happening to me at the moment… receiving a continuous flow of wedding invitations from friends. From high school mates , to pre-u friends, to med school buddies. In April and May itself, i  received roughly around 10 invitations. But sadly couldnt attend any of it.. 2 weekends back2back I was tied up with the family.. my cousin got engaged.. and the week after went for the Beach Run in east coast.. Zafwad, Web&Nad, Yan,Olet..all my age , or a year younger, ..married. 1 of the pros not being able to attend receptions >> you get to avoid the same questions being repeated again and again at your face.. bila ? bila ? bila ? ..i couldnt answer to that . You asked me the wrong question lah ! I’m a struggling undergraduate (Yes I am !!), and focus on the pursuit for academic excellence is a big deal to me.. (like Duh!).. ”deal’ as in its the current priority..other things will follow suit, and i believe planning too much is equivalent to not planning at all. so let me go with my flow (although some planning of the future is necessary!)



Mean time, I am just enjoying my life.. with my family and friends. Doing the things I like, things that I love, things that I might not be able to do later on once I’m working or older.. never let go of the chance , time and opportuniy  blessed upon me now, 🙂 Live life cool baby !! Mind you, I’m turning 26 this August,,and 85% of my friends (of the same age) are already working, with 40% of them already married. Mum already bising2.. cant do much about it but just listen and keep on pretending to listen. Uhmm.. Half of my friends are much older than me, and I must admit I learn quite a lot from them.. from newlyweds, to new moms, to grandfathers..they teach me to cherish and appreciate the short life that we have, And not to fret too much of the lows. Just keep on going no matter what, and put the best foot forward so you may continue on a beautiful and never-ending journey of life herein and hereafter.



missjewelz @ kluang stationTo Ngae, thanks you so much for the wisdom you have generously shared with me during our brick-training. . You’ve helped me understand more about this short life. We need to learn how to enjoy it. And shouldnt be  sceptic in the attempt of a happy and quality life. ..

Fuel price is soaring like there’s no tomorrow. Don’t fret and fuss too much. We can deal with this. Think. Change. Heatlhy life style. Lesser Americans are driving. They switch to alternatives. We can do it too. Its about time that we face the reality. Reality can’t change. But We can. So change.

To all my dear friends who have/who are getting married, a big Congratulations to you. I am really sorry I couldnt make it to the ceremony/reception. May Allah Bless all of you. Nanti dapat baby, calling2 la..aunty julie nak dtg tgk baby comel.. ehhehe.. kaylah.. missJeweLz signing off..  ciao !





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  1. hmm…what course are u taking? I agree 26 is usually the age for working…but as long as you want to achieve what you want is life..that’s all that matters…

    No need to go with the flow 🙂

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