from Gunung Nuang to Beijing !!

Off to Beijing tomorrow ! (“,) pretty excited as this will be my first time to Beijing ! First time to China too.. i’ve been to Hong so long ago… nearly 18 years ago ! But Hong Kong was still under British rule in 1990. Anyway, I have finished packing ! So got to tidur soon.. tomorrow still have to tidy my room.. messy ! And uhm, see my dad and mom before I leave the house.. Tad got sms from 1 of the officers in charge for the trip .. Kena dresses formal.. meaning baju kurung,, and blazer skali.. i can’t find my blazer.. my dark blue,terpaksa bring my green corduroy blazer..(my favourite!)



Jason Thiang(Pacesetters) called earlier this afternoon.. rajin pulak pakcik ni call me..but anyway, he told me he’s taking part in the Langkawi Wilderness Challenge..and he asked if I am taking part or not.. Ros (Powerbar Team Elite) also asked if I’m joining tak.. dunno lah.. class dah start dah that time..see how lah.. haha..


Oh ya, last Saturday I went up Gunung Nuang together with Puzi, Zabil, and Dino.. Other friends tak jadi join. Kena attend latihan lah.. and then Chekdet pulak kena perform kat his friend’s wedding.. But anyway, I am generally satisfied that dapat jugak naik Nuang.. Frankly speaking, it was a torcher for me..physically and mentally.. I would suffer less if I went with a slower la, those leiure hikers..or those yg hike regularly not for the time, but for relaxing, you know.. breathe udara yang nyaman..haha.. but since I went with Dino and Puzi(yang selalu masuk adventure race and hiking is nothing..)..and Zabil(who conquered Aconcagua..paham2 lah..). The last time I went Mountain Climbing was last year.. I have the post somewehere in this blog..I went up Gunung Irau.. lemme just sum up my Nuang trip by comparing t to Irau okay,, *ekceli dah ngantuk sangat niehh..*


1. Irau = chocolate factory , Nuang = Cream caramel ..

2. Irau = medium ups , more downs.. 3. Nuang = really steep ups

3. Irau = tak fit and nak go fast.. Pengsan.. , Nuang= tak fit and nak go fast .. bley lagik..

4. Irau = 2 vertical directions= up, down..mendatar.. ,Nuang =1 direction..that is UP SAHAJA.. once you hit the kaki gunung..siap lah.. ada je part yang flat..

5. Irau = quite clean/terjaqa , Nuang = gila kotor.. seriously.. the camps (Lolo and Pacat) is a garbage heaven

6. Irau = takde entry fee , Nuang = RM 1 entry fee. not worth even you pay RM5 tapi end up tg sampah and not the nature..buat apa.. open tandas some more…euuwwww…

7. Irau = suitable for nature-lover.. mossy forest katakan!, Nuang= also suitable for nature-lover.. its easy to notice the different type of trees at different terrains, and the type of soil also lain2..but mostly tanah liat !

8. Irau = I don’t remember anyone got bitten by pacat.. I didn’t get bitten.. Nuang = Pacat everywhere! Puzi got bitten many times ! I didn’t get bitten. Dino also. *but still,don’t forget to apply insect repellent lotion/cream

9. Irau = it rained HEAVILY masa 1/2 way nak naik.. , Nuang = it rained masa 1/2 way nak turun..

10. Irau = compared to Nuang, you can easily get lost if you are careless .. Nuang = if you go time ramai orang pergi, you’re considered safe.. if you go in group, don’t lose sight of the person in front of you.. coz ada banyak sharp junctions along the trail.. 1 wrong turn, ha..terpekik la cari orang depan.. even masa awal2, or masa nak balik pon, be alert lah..

11. Irau = takde river-crossing.. , Nuang= Many Rivers To Cross….*lagu UB40 tuh..* yeap.. around 4-5 sungai yg comel2..tapi ad je yg mcm rapid.. coz time tuh baru lepas hujan.. pacat pon berpesta la time tuh..

12. Irau= started the climb at 10.30am.. okay je..short climb..2110m.. , Nuang=1493m..tapi susah 10 kali ganda Irau ! from the carpark to the actual point of hiking is quite a walk.. my group ran .. penat bah..belum masuk hutan dah kena walk up steep roads, better to start early ! if not, balik tengah panas !!!!

13. Irau= hiking boots highly recommended.. the muddy and mossy forest actually sucks your shoe sole! , Nuang = heavy shoewear not recommended..takut pancit cepat ma..but if you dah biasa, its okay..but still, with normal trail shoes, especially when it rains.. banyak jugak mud whic you’ve to go through.. my Nike Pegasushamir almarhum..but alhamdulillah skarang dah okay..

14. Irau=no injury .. , Nuang= a few minor scratches..

15. Irau= jatuh 1-2 times.., Nuang = ada la dlm 6-7 kali.. back sudah pelvic joint giving me terrible pain ..terpaksa bertahan for like 4 hours.. my left knee sakit kejap..then dah okay after exiting the forest..

16. Irau = nak go again next year..if Tony’s group going lah..we had fun.. turun2 gunung got hot milo/drinks served by beloved photographer and friend Chan Wing Kai, and ten go jalan2 kat Brinchang..and then stayed at MNS,Ringlet.. Nuang= not as fun as Irau..partly coz i sampai lambat..started late..rushng nak habiskan the climb.. and sampai atas pon tak nampak apa sangat .and masa turun pon suffer jugak.. tapi RELIEVED gila masa nak sampai tempat mula part was..the moment sampai, pakcik ice-cream sampai.. terus beli ice-cream..*teringat time Major Kalam,Nurina and me makan ice-cream after kayuh.. we sama2 mkn ice-cream at Gunung Nuang car park..haha..*

17. Irau= ok je for training.. but… Nuang= i think this is the best training zone for you climbers/adventurers.. ye lah..towerthon ke, vertical marathon ke, climbathon ke..adventure races ke.. this is the place ! marathon runners/triathletes..tempat nie kira bonus for you guys la.. serious ..

Okay lah..beter stop now.. hope can write in before i leave tomorrow..tata titi tutu !!!!


P.S. Didn’t bring camera.. so..terpaksa lah pinjam gbr frm orang lain…..





7 thoughts on “from Gunung Nuang to Beijing !!

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  1. Aiya, I have not start my WLC training yet. Not sure can complete on the race day. Scare-lah…..

    I will be in HK next wk. You have a good trip in China.

    Jason Thiang

  2. Julie!

    Bila balik from Beijing? Hope u had a great time there wif frenz (must see Great Wall, forbidden city and summer palace tau and cheap shopping). Nway, I often surf your blog ‘cos u alwiz right good stuff (but I never left any comments kan…kantoi!). I really like the pics especially the greenery at Nuang’s. Makes me miss and appreciate home more now *sob sob sob*. Can’t wait to come home this July… K julie… talk to u when u’re back from Beijing… Bila nak visit me here? hahaha… nanti i take pics of tulips for u ngeh ngeh ngeh


  3. hi just stumbled on to this blog page and realised i was there same date your group ran up. i only walked up but i saw you guys start, what time did you return to car park? i may bring some foreign trail runners here so i’ll report to them how long you took. email me, thx.

  4. hi sakatsu! my group started late.. and we didnt exactly run the whole way up.started off with walking , then slow run.. and by the time we started climbing the guys in my group are already spiderman-ing up nuang..of course,i was the slowest and tried my best to keep up with them.going down was really hard for me, pain in the joints, knee.. so, all in all i myself did like 6 hours ++. you can shorten your time to 5hrs or less if u wake up fresh, start early and maintain your pace up instead of rushing to reach the peak, as to avoid a slow and painful descend. Happy climbing to you and ur frens !! and thanks for stumbling into my blog ! 🙂 cheers !

  5. wow thats fast! i might need a real runner to take my running group up! i walked up to the actual peak and returned 9-10hrs. Do you know any service which offers road/mount bike rides + bike rental? may be i tempt them with a bike ride from ampang then run up to peak activity just to tire them out while i just take a leisurely stroll.

  6. im not sure .. but you can try to go (Nomad Adventure). They recently (and successfully!)organized an adventure race ; EcoXcapade in hulu langat, consisting off trail running, rollerblading, bamboo rafting and also absailing! anyway, if u do get the bikes, lemme know! there’s a mtb trail in kemensah(near the national zoo)..and yeah, you can cycle up tp sungai tekala from nuang car park , (though road) 🙂 cheers!

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