KLIM 2008

 To all KL Marathoners, CONGRATULATIONS !!!!



Yeah.. i missed KL Marathon this year. Had exams today, and luckily I could answer all questions (even at one instant i was stuck with the 4th principle of Tawheed by al Faruqi..nasib baik ingat !!!!!). Answered brilliantly? That’s 1 question I should ask myself.. let’s just say I answered satisfactorily.. uhm, don’t want to be putting too much expectation would I ..? just a moderate amount of it would be safe and necessary to carry me on through the next 2 exams I’ll be sitting.. Tomorrow I have Research Methodology paper, and on April 4th, insyaAllah, I’ll be sitting for my last paper, which is Revelation as Source of Knowledge. So people, wish me luck.


 I have a few updates for the KL Marathon thanks to the short message service technology. Ros said the KLIM this year wasn’t as happening as last year.. Most probably due to my absence..Hahahahhah.. *just kidding..LOL*.. and I asked her, who are the big winners…she said mostly blacks.. uhm, ok.. lets just look at that as a motivation for our Malaysia runners/athletes to perform better in the coming races.


Nurina (Major Kalam’s wife) completed her first half-marathon today. So a big CONGRATULATIONS to you Nurina !!! Wah..so proud of u la !!!!!! She is happy to earn her 1st half-marathon medal with a finishing time of 3hrs and 19mins. But she told me her time-chip hilang..Ayyya…. But anyway, you did well dear friend !! 🙂 Nanti I hantar present kat Sg Besi camp. Hehehe..Here’s a cute cat for a start..heheh.. 🙂


 My Kuantan Pacesetters friends did well. Only manage to get Azrul’s time for full marathon >4:29:03.. will try to get hold of the others’ result later ..
Kay lah people. gottago.. will write more after i’m done with my exam marathon.. LOL.. i can’t seem to stop using this term ‘exam marathon’ sampai this mat salleh searching ‘marathon’ ended up adding me at YM after landing on my blog. But anyway, I did went for a marathon today, at the examination hall.. Finished with the time of 2 hours.. Hahahah..Okay la tuh.. everyone was a winner..everyone did 2 hours also..(like Duh!).. but tak ada medal la for this exam marathon. The results are delayed coz sini tak pakai time chip.. pakai result slip je.. kay..enuff of this analogy-ing.. Have a happy Sunday y’all ! God Bless !!!!  luv,peace and harmony… -jewelz-
p.s. whoever yg nak join me on the 5th, jangan malu2 , segan2…contact me aight !! 🙂




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