Exam Marathon 2008

Latihan Medan, Semenyih

Latihan Medan,Semenyih

I’m not done yet with my exams.. already 4 papers, back-to-back !! and another 4 to go. Group study at the library just now.. Banyak sembang dari study, but I manage to distribute task for the next meeting/discussion.Next paper –> Cognitive Psychology, this Friday ! So many things yet so little time.. *yawn..* Hahaha…. wish me luck people.. Skipping KLIM(KL Marathon) this year .. the 2nd KLIM I’m skipping after dah register !!!!! (the first 1 in 2006) and all because of what ?? my future lah ! my dad sudah kasi warning.. Don’t do things at the expense of your future !!!


I’ve done a few races this year.. Lemme see.. GE 30k, KL Towerthon, Putrajaya cyclefest,MASUM..  March have exam-marathon.. haha.. Next up insyaAllah will be the A Famosa Triathlon..! 25th May ada dat RMAF 1/2 marathon. Jom la .. jom la!! Never ran on a runway before ?! This is the time lah !!!!

to all running KL marathon this weekend, All the best !! To Kuantan Pacesetters, Willliam, Tan Wah Sing, Sharon, Azrul etc.. going to miss you guys lah !!!



jln2 naik genting..
Suye, missJewelz @ Genting Sempah
p.s. : resuming training after MASUM.. slowly….See you in Melaka people !

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