The Endless Pool ?

Accidentally bump into this cool link about endless pool . An indoor/outdoor pool which you can actually install at home ! Better still it doesn’t require that much of space compared to a conventional swimming pool !! Check it out !!!


Swim in your own home year round. Indoor Pool by Endless Pools are the perfect way to exercise, relax and have fun.

Another amazing outdoor installation of an Endless Pool lap pool.

Endless Pools are fully modular allowing installtion indoors in existing spaces.


Endless Pools are a favorite training tool among triathletes and open water swimmers. With the optional high performance current, the Endless Pool challenges even the most competitive swimmers. 

The heart of the Endless Pool is a small but powerful underwater hydraulic motor that drives a 16” propeller located at the front of the pool inside a protective, stainless-steel housing (see #1 in the diagram to the right). The propeller pushes up to 5,000 gallons of water per minute through two grills that straighten and smooth the current, which then flows right down the center of the pool (see #2).

At the rear of the pool, the current enters a large grill beneath the rear bench, and passes through the side benches to the front of the pool (see # 5). Because the water returns through the benches, it does not disturb the current moving down the center of the pool, thus eliminating any turbulence or undertows.  

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