Some creative new abbreviation ? Haha.. I guess so ! Bored And Enjoying It ! .. I’m preparing myself for the final exams..shutting out other worldy interferences (except for my good friend here wordpress.com ) 🙂 To all of you sitting for the final exams, all the best !!!! My first paper is on the 23rd March…last paper April 4. Wish me luck !! no raaces/training for the next 2 weeks..want to ge fat ka oi ? no lah.. will do some strength training.. yeah, both mental and physical…oh yeahh…!!! Hidup Julie..don’t die of bordeom !!! As my dad use to say.. ‘Focus on your pursuit for academic excellence ‘.. Got it !!!

Refreshing the memories..Ringlet 07′
Refreshing the memory : with Tony, Eric and Vivian @ Ringlet
Dino and me
Dino&missJeweLz @ PD Triathlon 2007
Women 17-34 years, Placing 7, time 1:12:18
‘Spot me’  : Jason Thiang
‘Spot me’ : Jason Thiang
you see me now ?? heheheh..
‘You see me now??’
handsome and hair do mcm budak sekolah..cute !
The handsome darjah satu hair-do..cute la Goh !! (C1050)
Thai girl, Sabah girl @ KL Tower
Thai girl comes in..(Placing 13, time 20:32)
followed by Sabah girl .. (Placing 14,time 20:37)
Ampang girl , a mere few seconds behind Sabah girl ! woot !
and Ampang girl ! a mere few seconds behind Sabah girl !
Placing 15. Time 20:44

missJeweLz & Tan Wah Sing

 missJeweLz & Tan Wah Sing. PACM Kuantan area group leader,

post GE run. Women Open 20k, Placing 12,time 1:56:27



Some more random,older fotos

My 1st half-marathon in 2005

Hash Harrier Kuantan Half Marathon 2005

Women Open ,placing 4th,time 2:17-42


Mari,mari, kita lari !!!

KLIM Circuit run 2007


Gotcha !

Gotcha !


Penang International 12 hour Walk 2006

With fellow Pacesetters @ Penang 12 Hour Walk 2006

Women Open,Placing 6, Distance : 59.29km 


Syaaban and Kak Julie !

 Syaaban, me & Bonnie, after ride to Sempah



funny !

funny…rabbit !




 my ride.. @ Muzium Tentera Darat



Musuh di hadapan..tembak bertubi-tubi !!!!

cekah dulu !!



Jewelz and Mr Ngae (Powerbar Team Elite)

missJeweLz & Mr Ngae (Powerbar Team Elite)



ice-cream !!!

 Major Kalam (Powerbar Team Elite)



me,nurina and post-bike dessert

Nurina & missJeweLz enjoying our post-bike dessert



Loreng cycling shoes.. cool !

loreng cycling shoes !! awesome !


my sayang !!

jewelz & dino


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