They say..

they say..

They say you can never have enough. Until you have test your limits, you can never know where your boundaries,limits and cut off point(s) are. Malay proverb puts it as ‘Belum cuba belum tahu..’ You never know till you have tried. This applies to your work,family,social,study and sporting life !! From time-to-time ,we’re either innovating, renovating , or maybe reinventing  ourselves in the pursuit of achieving that ideal ‘us’, that ideal ‘me’ and that ideal ‘you’ (unless you’re Mahathma Gandhi!).



 I had helluva time last week and also this week. Meeting date lines, presentation, part-time job doing home tuition as well as a filing job at the student-development office, preparing for MASUM(inter varsity sports), and of course, preparing for the finals.I didn’t have time to blog and finish up my laundry ! God. Mengalahkan menteri..hahah.. We’re all occupied with our own stuff, leaving little time for some relaxation or reflection for that matter.. 3 days ago, Tuan Wari , the person who is responsible for landing me the part-time filing job, smsed and informing me that they already got a replacement for the job (full time).. hihihi.. Well, end of my filing job! Most importantly , the experience counts.


What happened next was quite unexpected. Encik Din, an army officer from 515 A.W. asked me if I could tutor his kids. 🙂 I went to his place , met his wife and kids. Spoke to them (the kids) to see which subjects do they need assistance and help with.  One is in form 4, another in form 2 and primary 4. Initially Encik Din’s wife wanted to me teach her 3rd youngest son (kindergarden) but I said its too much for me. (teaching 5 kids for individual sessions! too much !!!)(a vitally wise move especially when u have other priorities >> just say No!)… Anyway, won’t be starting anytime soon.. insyaAllah in May baru start. Meaning, will have ample amount of time to do the teaching plan for the 3 young guys. Currently I’m teaching a primary 2 girl, Ain who’s showing progress and some improvement in her Maths and English. Alhamdulillah !


KL Marathon.. insyaAllah this will be the 2nd time I’ve to back off from KLIM after having had registered ! I have an exam on 30th March ! Yup ! The first time I had to back off from KLIM was in 2006.. (family matters). And last year, I had to cancel my registeration for Powerman after months of training.(also due to exams). Yikes..Lets see if my plan for my second  A Famosa goes as planned .  My maiden triathlon was last year at the A Famosa triathlon. Had a totally good time 🙂


 Anyway, just want to share with you guys that I’ll be going to Beijing (no , not for the Olympics)(like DUH!)..  I’m joining this educational trip to Beijing next month. 1 week trip, covering a few places insyaAllah; Beijing Uni, Forbidden City , Great Wall of China and a few other places !!!


 For now,let my mind, body and soul come together and concentrate on the coming finals. Other things are side orders. Really. To all Ironman finishers and friends, CONGRATULATIONS ! I apologize if I did not text or call some of you. I wanted to but my handphone rosak and i lost nearly all the contacts ! To Ah Thiam and Carmen, a special congrats to both of you for winning the ticket to Kona ! Malaysia Boleh ! To those who did struggle and tried their best but could not finish, don’t give up.  Try again and never give up the race against yourself.

Okie dokie..gtg.. tata !


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  1. Wow, no wonder you were so silent, very very bizy!!! Going to China some more.
    Pity to hear you wont take part in KLIM, was counting on meeting up with you then. Anyway take care, we’ll catch up some other time….

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