KL Tower International Forest Towerthon Challenge 2008


Ran my first towerthon last Sunday ! J And first time having a for a race. Team name > ‘Subang Jaya’.. initially signed up for individual before deciding to form a team. Team captain&manager : Jason Thiang.. huhu… and a bunch of wacky , fun and loving team mates : Esmen, Suye and Abg Freddie. No centralized training with fellow team mates. Did the stairs in uni once, and on three other occasions got to train at KL Tower itself as the stairs were opened for a few days before race day. My lovely friend Nezz happened to work  at KL Tower, and she was very kind and helpful in assisting participants who wanted to train by making sure they had the ventilation functioning (for the stairs) or else we’ll suffocate, and making sure that the stairs were opened for training !! Thanks for all the help Nezz !! Goh, I and the rest really appreciate it. J Trained alone the first 2 times and the third time with Goh and Dino.


Slept around 12 on Saturday.. woke up around 6.. enough time to siap2 and leave. Luckily by the time sampai there was still parking space (tepi jalan le..) It rained a bit but stopped shortly before the Women Open category were gunned off. Went to the loo like 3 times with Suye.. Suye complaining tak cukup tidur, gastric, this that.. and then after warm up, ‘eee.. lama lagi ke Julie ??..We started at 9.15am, an hour and 15 minutes after the Men Open category.


Nervous actually. The training for towerthon wasn’t anything near vigorous, yet I had some base already from my GE training, the circuit run and also hill training. So, I planned not to push myself so hard during the start as I didn’t want to puncture early.. huhu.. strategy la tuh.. gun off.. the course uphill was a steady one.. by the time I passed the stage, towards the escalator, went a bit faster, and up towards the stairs.. 2 steps..2 steps.. 2 steps… muscle already burning..  panting ..  there were several water station. i didn’t drink much coz I know I can’t afford to gulp .. they pass you the towerthon bottle.. and tapi tak tolong bukak pon the bottle cap..sah tak biasa organize running event.. habis masa nak buka je.. a sip or two.. the floor was slippery coz some runners might just cool off themselves by throwing the water on their head or body while some just threw the bottles without closing the cap . So, basically the floor was wet especially between T1 to T10.. and also towards TH03.


the kind of traffic you get in this kind of race reminds me of that during the Penang Bridge marathon.. this part of the bridge where 10k runners make the u turn.. firstly they didn’t have any separate lanes on the bridge.. and the end result is: full and half marathoners having to slow down when they’re at their top speed , waste time and energy zig zagging through the crowd…and the analogy is not comparable to that of the ambulance where people realize that the ambulance is coming and they at least should have gave way.. but this.. no.. they stayed on their lanes waiting for the coming runner to crash into them or get a free yelling into their eardrums..’excuse me ! excuse me !! ’ haha.. but then for towerthon, I don’t think anyone who is really racing the race can really afford that kind of energy to ask people to step aside.. either you slip under between the railing and the runner in front of you, or you softly push them aside.. that’s it.. I didn’t bother to step aside if someone was in the way.. let them step aside (if they’re slower than you). but some were much bigger than me and I coudn’t help but step aside myself and continue the climb up. Tak pasal2 kena sumo kat KL Tower plak!


Passed Fong, Ros and a few others.  They were pretty close to each other..Didn’t see Dedeq.. mana u ?? Suye was left behind.. can’t wait up coz the accumulated time for all team members will determine our placing for team category.


planned to run faster towards the end, but then the floor and the railings were so slippery that I didn’t dare to. Silap2 jatuh plak.. my hands came in handy too, especially towards the end..T20.. Was crawling like I don’t know what.. huhu… I heard that other runners did it during the previous towerthon.. but I don’t recall seeing any of the runners last Sunday doing that.. hahah.. TH03 finally !! Nezz was standing exactly in front of the fire exit door, and she started cheering my name the moment she saw me.. hihi… J all smile..saw Jason as well, eagerly waiting for me and suye to sampai ! Suye came in after Ika and Fazriyan ! Good try ! At least all of us finished the race. Thank God.


Had to return the chip to get the 20 bucks back. Went down with the rest, Goh, Dino, Jason, Suye Esmen.. results for top 20 for each category were already out .. i found out that I was 7 seconds behind Step, landing in the 15th place. Time 20:44.. I think for my maiden towerthon, the training paid off. The rest of the results you guys can refer to Championchip website.


Organization wise; still a lot of room for improvement..  we can’t have runners slipping and falling even before they start the climb can we ? kalau sorang dua, maybe takpe la kan.. kalau ni sampai 10, 20 people, then the organizer should do something about it lah..


Overall, I was satisfied and happy that I finished the race. And winning 3rd place for team category ! J To Nezz, Goh , Dino, Jason, and all my team mates, thank you for the motivation and support. J hopefully next year we could repeat the ‘fun’ outing we had last Sunday.. hahah..really.. tak pernah race so chaotic as this one. Left KL Tower around 2.40 with the rest..  kedai sup tulang at Jln Tangling closed.. ended up reloading at mamak store in Bangsar.  Petang and malam..>>zzzZZZzzzzzzzz…..<<

stairs training @ KL Tower

Stairs training


Nezz, thank you !

Shahrudin n team mates; champion uniform bodies cat.

Uniform bodies champion

NGO category Champion

NGO category champion



Super mix !!


OKU category champions
OKU category champions



Women Open- champions
Women Open cat. champions; Yufang,Kenyan&Mariana

Mat Noor guy..

Shahrul Powerbar
Shahrul… boring ler tuh..


Abg Freddie
Abang Freddie; team mate

Abg Freddie, Esmen, Su ye,missJeweLz
my team mates

7 seconds behind steph..

more results..

Abg Freddie, Esmen
getting the feel

february pay cheque


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  1. I am going this year. But from those who have already went, it’s very hard because of the cut off time of 2.5 hours up, and 2 hours down. But…if you never try, you’ll never know. 🙂

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