Don’t PUniSH yourself UnNecessarily

Trying not to. Really. The past 1 month was like no any other months before; that’s when my priority in my current life becomes detached and becomes misplaced.. So now have to place it back to it’s original place la.. priority to the academia..and not to things else. I’ve been spending more time training than revising.. A critical point to watch out just there. So basically today, I’ve to go back to OCM and change my category for the KL International Marathon (KLIM) from full marathon to half. It would physically and psychologically burden me if i took the full category(too many things to be done in less than 1,race,mileage,exam,assignment,MASUM…).Memang la at first semangat , semangat.. and semangat.. but then it was not practical, what more when I’ve been performing consistently well (alhamdulillah) in the academia, and I don’t want to screw things up like I’ve done in my previous life as a medical student. So half-marathon it is.


Favourite books..

Still, this coming 3rd February will be taking part in my first KL Towerthon Challenge, and on the 17th February for the FTAAA Cross-country, and 2 weeks after that the KL Marathon. MASUM (varsity games) will be somewhere in the 3rd week of February.. Hopefully it won’t disturb my training for the KL Marathon. Will be taking part in the 3000m track event for MASUM,insyaAllah. First time pakai balik spike shoes after the last time I wore them 11 years ago for MSSD in Kuantan.. Okay people, gottago.. got exams on Monday and Wednesday next week. 🙂 Circuit run 1 KLIM jangan lupa turun yek.. and 15% off the KLIM registeration fee for Pacesetters members …yeehaaa !!! owh.. reminder.. AGM and annual dinner on the 22nd March 2008.. for further info click on the Pacesetters link on the blogroll on your right. Gracias !!







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