lazy thursday-ing

Sanusi Junidit wasn’t the usual start for a Thursday. Class starts at 10am (Islam & Psychology). Due to acceptable reasons (cool&comfy room), I woke up ‘late’ today ; 6.30am. The night before I received 2 SMSes ; ‘Slm. Mintak sume board Nadi@watan 06/07 turun 17jan 08′, 7am , CAC (Culutural Activity Center), Baju no.3. Excuse letter disediakan.Hrp bg kerjasama. Arahan Tn. Wari * papehal contact 013********tlg sebarkan* . 7am..damn… the room was comfy , and cool.. by the time I woke up again ; 7.30am..  Dato’ Seri Najib , Deputy Prime Minister will be coming to the campus today to grace the launching ceremony of IIUM Silver

Jubilee Celebration (yeah, I’m 1 year older than the cools is dat..hahah..) and alsoDato’ Seri Najib Tun Abdul Razak opening of Alumni International Conference. Wataniah members as well as Kor SUKSIS were involved in the opening ceremony.. (welcoming the arrival of the Deputy Minister). As for Nadiawatan ex board members (tatz me!) we just had to be present at CAC for the ceremony. I came 2 hours late (talking about time management) only to find myself lucky because there was a miscommunication of the time we the ex board were suppose to be at the hall…hahahha… had a quite a laugh when my friends told me how they struggled to arrive early.. humm..anyway, it wasn’t long before Dato’ Seri Najib, Tan Sri Sanusi Junid and Dato’ Mustapa Mohamed, and other VIPs arrived. The ceremony was not long, just short and precise.  The 3 names mentioned above delivered their speech before the Deputy Minister officially launched the Silver Jubilee Celebration. Shushi,Jewelz

Prof. Ariff, Deputy Dean of Research and Postgraduate from the Kuantan campus was also present.. my lecturer when I was doing medicine in Kuantan. Caught up with him after the ceremony.. ‘Prof. Ariff ?’ .. Hi, I’m Juliana, ex medical student..bla bla bla.. (the usual tag line when i meet familiar faces from Kuantan).. was quite surprised when he acknowledge that he remembers me.. huhhuhu.. an honour tuh.. Anyway, the morning class was cancelled.. no Islam and Psych today.. Dr.Alizi was attended the ceremony also, in a bright RED baju batik.. fuyyo… had a another class at 2pm  ; Cognitive Psychology. since its lama lagi, I decided to go back to my room for a nap. Mengantuk lagi la tuh kononnya.. And i knew the second i opened my eyes that something was amiss..looked at the watch >>  3.45pm… guilt+frustration melanda.. nak turun training pon , dah malas.. the feel wasn’t there.. ya wuteva julie.. started typing new set of questions for my tuition class tonight. (julie > tuition teacher). after that did my laundry a bit while listening to my ipod. My mum’s  ipod actually, she gave it to me.. so ehr songs are still there; some boring lame songs which I’ve deleted .. and some more belum lagi delete. By the time I was done, my stomach began to make noise.. hungry.  I’ve food stock in my room , but most times malas to even touch them. Just wait for dinner time. I don’t usually eat in between meals. It’s now 6.36pm.. esok pagi kena bayar hutang training.. hahaha.. Azrul wrongly registered me in the 20k instead of 30k.. so, year la run 30k. But in March 2008 , insyaAllah, I’ll be running my first full marathon. Previously it was just half-marathons. So this year, kena kasi up sikit lah. Other events ? Wait and see ya. 🙂

Yesterday I was with Nurina, training at the Sg. Besi camp.  Cycled from Major Kalam’s house, (rode Major Kalam’s bike. I didn’t bring mine) to the guard post near the Iron Hill  , around 2 – 3 km i think..  nice ride. and then started jogging up Bukit Hill.. first time up Iron Hill (Bukit Besi) . giler steep ! (steep ah, bukan steam!)..yeah, very steep.. as usual, cik Julie pantang tengok bukit..nak lari laju.. but then had to finally reduce to a slow jog. Even then felt the tense in my legs muscle.. we ran one third of the hill(it was getting darker) before heading back to our bikes. After that cycled back. Nice training session. I told Nurina, we should do it again another time; and I’ve to come earlier ! quite a heavy traffic on my way to Sg. Besi. 

 I’ve to go now. To all taking part in the Great Eastern Pacesetters run this Sunday, all the best ! Majulah sukan untuk negara.. ! (ya.. ya…) 


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  1. Nice , short but intensive training wasn’t it. Cycle till backgate is 5km – so total 10km. We reached abt halfway up the hill.
    Do full hill next time, okay? Now saving my legs for sundays GE run…..

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