Wide Awake at 3 a.m. – PART l

Can’t sleep. Craziness. Tomorrow (today) supposedly ada PT (physical training) for wataniah. but i’m skipping that one and proceed with my own training. Batu caves la nampaknye.. speedwork wont do me any good after 1 nite tak tidur nieh.. hummm…. had dinner with friends at Seri Gombak . had nasi goreng paprik.. rice ,finally !! yeah, been a less-rice diet nowadays.. huhu.. anyway,after makan tuh, went back to the campus.. iron my number 4B uniform for tomorrow’s wataniah class, polish boots,… and then kemas bilik sikit, and then..oh ya, cuci baju. phew.. penat dah. my ipod is giving me problem.. seem to have connecitivity problem with the laptop.. tapi rasanye got d problem resolved.. i think.. I can’t sleep !!! Help !!! humm…


nescafe..I was on and off  friends’ website.. Nurina, Abu, Shazly,Stupe, pacemaker,.. news website; nst, berita harian etc.. humm.. and then my throat kinda dry, perut pun bunyi2… looked around the room for any food…ye la,kot2 any leftovers..none.. eh wait.. i bought nescafe ice yesterday, and tak minum lagi..huhu.. kay…drink…

   I don’t usually drink coffee/tea.. mcm mana ntah tergatal beli nescafe last nite from the petrol station.. humm.. ok, it wasn’t really the right choice ; minum coffee mlm2..  my eyelid showed no sign of shutting itself.. (like duh !!)..hahah.. ok, so i was bored.. i had plenty to do actually.. but you knowlah, ngantuk,tapi dah minum  coffee,jadi tak ngantuk.. the mind is not fresh, but eyes wide open… humm.. just take a look at the following fotos; check out how i entertained myself.. ease the boredom..



My tuition class attendance log. 

Already 3 classes this month. Teaching maths, english and science. Form berapa ? I was teaching secondary school students masa kat Kuantan. This year ajar budak darjah 2 pulak.. huhu.. ‘accidentally’ landed the job on the 27th December last year, and started 1st class on the 3rd. 🙂




scheduleThis semester schedule. The uni’s athletics coach wanted ‘my’ timetable.. if not for him, takdenye nak type lawa2.. huhu.. I’ve some spare time this semester thanks to the official perletakan jawatan as the club’s Q.M (quarter master).. (QM for the wataniah club).. less burden of having to take care of the club’s barang.. jaga store.. cukuplah.. Zuhri and Wanie taking over me and Hadi. Good luck to both of you..! since i’ve some spare time, i added more items into the schedule.. training, tuition class,gym.. fun.. but tiring..hahaha.. still trying to adjust to my new timetable..so far,no big problem except for being sleepy on  a few occasion during lecture..humm.. no coffee please ! just have to sleep  and wake up early.. 🙂 To dear Dino, thanks for helping me out with the schedule. 🙂  i appreciate it.



SWEENEY TODD sweeney todd , starring johnny depp; the coolest,sexiest,weirdiest hollywood star ever.. the movie preview so far so so good.  yet to watch the movie..still waiting for the right time..next week perhaps.. really ketinggalan bab-bab new movies nieh..last movie i watch was I Am Legend. So proud to watch the movie coz Bob Marley’s songs were used for the soundtrack.. and played over and OVER again throughout the movie.. 



my siblings..hahah Adik-beradik my kaki ; from left; kak cik (slipper), middle; kak ngah, right; abg ngah. not in photo; abe long and kak long.. left them in the car.. and sorang lagi adik angkat ‘nike free’ kat hospital nike kl.. koyak… huhuh… dah lama adik -beradik tak ramai cam ni.. baru start tahun lepas dapat ramai adik and kakak and abang.. huhu..  *okay,i damn bored this time.i actually went outside my room to cari stuff to snap* kesian…




baju loreng I’m surprising myself now.. still ‘focusing’ on typing this.. this is my baju loreng.. favourite uniform coz baju nie susah nak kotor..and even if kotor pon, tak nampak sangat.. you won’t see any fotos of me in the uniform . don’t worry.. bahaya !!!




boardTour de missJeweLz room continues..

 ‘THERE IS A FINE LINE BETWEEN INTELLEGENCE AND INSANITY’. One of the exhibits during my group’s presentation for schizophrenia entitled ‘Galleria Schizophrenia.. now menjadi hak milik cik julie.. ‘ ..really, its a thin line when you consider yoursef ass-smart when actually you’re nothing.. simply hydrogen inflating a balloon which is waiting to be popped.. so just be moderate even at times you need to think out of the box. Your ideas may be brilliant, but never overlook or underestimate other people’s say about the issue/topic.. but we can’t afford to be dumb either eventhough we have people who we thought were dumb surprising us with their ideas and thoughts..







 I must admit that I laid down and closed my eyes baru tadi while waiting for this photo to be uploaded.. *ngantuk la tuh..* hum….  these are some medals which i’ve collected..mostly from ’06 and ’07.. i’ve to be put them here in my room in uni and not at home.. nanti banyak soalan pulak orang tua aku..huhuh…



No, didn’t run this one. Jimmy, my Pacesetters friend from Kuantan gave it to me. haha.. how cool is that.. beautiful medal.. and its not plastic ok.. quite heavy for a medal.. mcm besi.. i dont think i will go for any races outside Malaysia until i start working. passporte with my mum still.. takut anak ‘lari’ pi Hatyai..




skool medals 


15 year old medals which i won in 1993 ; Tahun 5 tuh..hihi.. which school ? just look at the medal lah.. 🙂 best part wuz.. we had our sports day at st john’s field coz our padang kecik.. haha.. tak cukup nak buat 1 loop of 400m. *memories,memories…..* i was in Rumah Biru.. sampai form 5 pon, rumah biru..i miss CBN… hey.. i remember d skool song.. ‘dengarlah suara semangat waja.. kami insan CBN kini…. !’



deskFAMILY : clockwise ; 1)mum, 2)Yasir, 3)me @ desaru tri , 4)me and adik2 at chester street,london , 5)dino&me , 6)me&adik2 at changi airport.  Missed the ‘younger days’.. me being the eldest never had so much fun and adventure in  my life..thanks to my beloved adik2..

i was their kakak,(still am lah)friend,cikgu,playmate, ustazah,tukang set up obstacles using hockey+plastic golf sticks for them to go through, humm.. and now semua dah besar panjang.. and i’m now the second shortest among my siblings.. damn.. tapi takpe, i can run faster than them..hahahha…

Yasir is turning 18 this year.. how fast time flies.. Suraiya is gonna be 16. !! and Iskandar 11.. love you guys… !!!!!!!!

And their kakak.. well, lets just say, I don’t really care of my age.. in the sense that, with age, comes expectations and responsbilities. I am prepared and ready for them, but not scared of them per se.. and guys, don’t be surprised if i tell you this.. I cannot imagine myself as a 3o year old woman.. seriously.. the past 5-6 years, I’ve this thing of not being able to visualize myself as a 30 year old.. followed by questions like ; where will i be.. where would i be working..and as what.. married to whom..seriously… but of course, the thought has gradually faded as i began to open myself to reality. not that i drew myself from it before this.. its just that now i’m having a better outlook and optimism towards life, now, compared to before…


books..Career in psychology .. yeah.. insyaAllah. Despite the setbacks, I finally sticked to this track .. the path to this point of the academia timeline was not easy.. alhamdulillah Allah have me the patience, strength and hope ..


  Will is up to you.. and you decide your destiny, not anyone else.. God wouldn’t change people’s fate/destiny unless they themselves change it. I can’t afford to sit and watch people drawing  MY life map. It would be a disaster.. (as it already did before.. (missjewelz is an ex-medical student..)) 



( to be continued…)


3 thoughts on “Wide Awake at 3 a.m. – PART l

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  1. good article julie..
    story about ur tuition class, ur semester schedule,Career in psychology,and ur family which is good mengisi masa yg terlebih digunakan dgn baik..
    you have a very pack time schedule now hope you can manage everything.
    by next month i think need to add more milege in ur running program, so you will be ready for ur first marathon.
    which i never done before in my running career,only in IRONMAN Langkawi Triathlon once in 2004.
    good luck for KLIM sayang see you in finish line and up coming races.
    i’ll always support you..
    keep it up..
    don’t give up …


  2. Lovely read Juli,
    Missed you’re presence today. Hope you can join us again next time. I will see you next week anyway, cos I’m taking part in GE run as well (haha plannin to run 5km and walk 15km)
    Coincidence, I was also wide awake at 3 am but accidently. The alarm clock was supposed to go off at 6.15am but one of my naughty kids must have played with it and it went off at 3am!!!

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