Let me see.. My 2007 was quite a stroll. Phew.. I ‘accidentally’ took part in my first triahlon event (Sprint) in the A Famosa International Triathlon back in April last year, and ‘accidentally’ securing the 9th position for my age group. (I’m 26 this year..gosh..). A friend initially asked me to accompany him to go to A Famosa for the event, and I thought why not,since I was not tied with any events that weekend, and I could bring my camera and practise my photography (PHOTOgraphy). Anyway, I don’t know how or why my friend asked why not I join the sprint event, since I never took part in triathlon before, eventhough I planned to pursue it after completing my first full marathon. (yup,setakat ni half marathon je la..). I decided to join the event 2 weeks before the race day !!

Yikes… managed to fix an instant 2 weeks schedule..huhuh.. macam cerita mee maggi la plak.. but anyway, there I was on the 7th April last year, racing my 1st triathlon . Another 1 came.. PD triathlon.. got 7th place.. and finally; Desaru Pengerang; 6th place ! 3 sprint triathlon and my position goes in an ascending manner..haha.. yet I’ve got to train more and improve a lot on my swimming and running.  after that, trained really hard for Powerman, bulan puasa after tarawih, sambung witir on the bike..(just kidding !) then registered online. AND THEN.. around 2 weeks before race days, baru realize that I’ve any annoying bengong paper 1 day before and 1 after race day… humm..mana tak geramnye.. so guys, planning itu penting. Aku da beli organizer , dah plan dah betul2, tiba2 uni decided to change the exam date.. damn.. beyond my control rite?so ..takpe ..next year.. bukan nak menang pon Powerman tuh, but sekadar buat yang terbaik.. 1 thing SOME of my friends and family members don’t get is the fact that I could enjoy training and racing in marathons, duathlon and triathlon events. My brother would over and over again ask me, kakak, how long do you run for half marathon? A: 21 kilometers. And brother would sincerely reply : “How lame is that !” argh… the endless strive to piss me off. But so far never succeeded lah.

 Last year i also  took part in my first duathlon. the UM Duathlon , women open.. tak nak masuk varsity category.. payah pulak nak menjawab nanti..3rd place, and my 1st bronze medal after high school days.. hehe..anyway, the race was pretty fun..really.. the killer hill kat UM tuh.. huhuh.. memang nak bunuh orang.. nasib tak cramp. And talking about prize money, aku rasa top 20 for each category semua dapat !! best… !!!

What else last year.. oh ya.. lupa plak nak britahu.. 1 went for a month recruit (Kursus Asas Perajurit Muda) for Wataniah.. huhu.. Private Juliana. If ada rezeki, I will go for KADAR(Kursus Asas Darat…) for LKpl..  and last year, jadi QM for Nadiawatan (the uni’s wataniah club). Most of the time memang sibuk. Had to juggle between studies, meetings and training. And weekend kena pandai2 selitkan masa for training or race, especially if event is outside KL.. so far, I am not planning to race any event outside Malaysia, because my priority is my studies.. plus, passport with mummy.hhhuhuh.. takut anak lari ke Siam kot.. which I did before new year.. ahaha… yeah, I was in Thailand for 3 days from the 28th – 30th December. 1 day in Bangkok , and 2 days in Pattaya. It was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo fun and relaxing !! Will write on that later.. 

kaylah, gottago and siap2 for RPM class, and lari 16k. eh jap.. brapa ari ni…? oh shit.. btol la..16k.. sayonara… later !! (posted Wednesday 9/1/2008 @  1730hrs)







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