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CHRYSTAL Lim (tengah) meraikan tiga pingat emas yang dimenangi dalam acara gimrama tali, belantan serta reben, sambil diapit oleh Foong Seow Ting (kanan) dan peserta Thailand, Sridee TharatipYeah the curtain has set down, marking the closing of the much criticized 2007 SEA Games , Nakhon Ratchasima. Malaysia, despite the slow start has managed to catch up the last few days surpassing the targetted 64 gold medals , claiming 68 gold medals, 52 silver and 96 bronze, landing on the 2nd place after host Thailand. The last gold for the Malaysia contingent came from polo. (my dad in the team !)

I think all Malaysia should be happy of this achievement. Congratulations to all national athletes !!! You made us proud !!! We deserve the 2nd place, and by beating other SEA Games favourites ; Philippines and Vietnam.  The National Sports Council will conduct a sports-by-sports preview, and I guess that’s the best thing to do other than just award the medallists and criticizing the non-medallist. Other than focusing on enhancement and betterment in training and exposure, what the NSC should take note is that, excellence must be rooted upon  a strong AND balanced base; athletes doing well physically, mentally and spiritually. No point producing athletes who are scaled only through physical performance. We wouldn’t want the likes of Martina Hingis or Marion Jones to represent the country, making world records, only to suffer and defamed in the end.. As for this year SEA Games , alhamdulillah, no complains so far on Malaysia contingent. That’s a good sign, and I think we should keep that up.untitled1.jpg

Sports ; is still gaining its popularity in Malaysia. Still ? Yup.. we know Lance Armstrong, Shaquille O’neal, Federer, Beckham, who else..Sharapova. But not many of us Malaysian knows about or even heard of Roslinda Samsu, Kimbeley Yap, Daniel Bego, Josiah Ng, or even Shahrom Abdullah. Well, unless you keep track of the local sports update or until you keep track on the SEA Games of course. But I believe that the younger generation, the youth, are now more aware of the local sports arena , and better still to be involved in sports; directly or indirectly. I see a bright future for Malaysian sports. Parents, please play your role.. healthy life don’t only stop at 3 times of 30 minutes exercise. We can do better, for this generation, and the next. Majulah sukan untuk negara !!!!


Malaysia Polo Team

Along !!!

p.s. : you don’t have to be a sports geek to suddenly acquire a fanatic interest in any particular sports. Just take sports as part of your life style. Enjoy it, love it, be part of it.. I do, what about u ?

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