Disturbing news from SEA Games 2007

Got this straigt from the horse’s mouth :


1. Mariana was involved in an accident during her duathlon debut yesterday in Chonburi,during the cycle leg. No, not the Filipino duathlete attacking her.. a motorbike somehow found its way into the race route and actually hit her. Yes, masa race. Surprisingly she manage to finish the race and came in 5th behind Anna Marissa Nagtalion with 3 minutes difference. Her bike is in a pretty bad shape, acccording to Dino, bike patah and helmet horror gile.. as for Mariana, hopefully she’s okay.. (since she finished 5th !!) Ok, so no medal from women’s duathlon, as long as our dearest athletes come back safe, that’s all that matter.

2. The news DID NOT mention anything regarding the accident. Why huh ? Because its not serious ?? no shit… an international sports event went wrong ..In fact, no highlights of triathlon, or duathlon on TV. or did i miss it ?! i dont think so….

2.Dino himself nearly got hit by a car, yes, during race ! I wonder what are the organizers doing.. just wait at the start,finish line and transitions ? and no one jaga the route ka ? This is insanity..

3.  Banyak sabotage kat SEA Games ! (dats what dino told me !)



missJeweLz, Dino


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