Still waiting !

Still waiting for the SEA Games duathlon results !!! Arrrr…. listened to the radio, switched all the news channel, checked online ..humm.. why takde live channel just for SEA Games arr…?? Azwar’s right that the SEA  Games official website doesn’t really help with the latest update on the daily sports events. Medal tally provided, but not the detailed results. We can only wait patiently for them the following day in the newspaper. Anyway, really can’t wait to get hold of the news how our duathletes scored in today’s duathlon event in Chonburi, Pattaya !!

Oh btw, 3 gold medals were added to the Malaysian’s contingent bid for 64 medals ; 1 from equestrian , and 2 from swimming  ! Congratulations !!! Another medal was bagged through the men’s 100m event by A.Hadi Mohammad Noor Imran who came in 3rd behind Indonesia and Thailand with the time of 10.65 seconds.


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