Putrajaya with Nurina (delayed update!)



pc020766.jpgPutrajaya lake viewpost ride drinkNurina n meNurinamissJeweLzAnother weekend outing. Last Sunday.Went cycling with Nurina. Met at her place as agreed. Drove to Putrajaya and started cycling at the info center car park. Lovely weather, it wasn’t to sunny, some cool wind, and we were off. We didn’t exactly plan which route to take, but we did 1 big loop around Putrajaya which my friend showed me before. A couple of hill climbs, and other than that we were fine.. but as soon as we reached the last (or was it te 2nd last) a strong gush of wind slowed  us down. Luckily it wasn’t very long. Total distance a 25k ++.. Total time 1hr 9mins. Nothing to boast off here. just an easy, short ride. plus an after drink by the lake ! The restaurant near the lake was closed, so we ended up drinking 100plus and ice lemon tea from the vending machine. Funny part was, i got my can of drink for free. It was quite a while since i last got a drink from vending machines (healthy life style huh?!), and this time i’m buying my drink from a machine, with a slot for coins, as well as notes.. it was like 3 seconds thinking ‘eh, do i put the note in first or do i select the drink first.. ‘…. ‘Select first !’ so thats what i did.. pressed the ice lemon tea button, and right away, 1 free ice lemon tea for me.. what a good laugh nurina and i had ! (kan jimat if all vending machine operates like this !) Looking forward fo rmy next ride with Nurina, and hopefully a few other ladies. The more the merrier ! Whoever interested do contact me through email :


Here are a few shots taken during the short ride. check it out.



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