Pengantin Pilihan


Hi all ! sorry lama tak update ! been damn busy for 2 weeks (exam lah). And after that busy with my 1st wedding fotog assignment. Yeah , hired photographer ! hihih.. so, faham2 je la, after take foto, banyak la kerja nye. I was so excited for my maiden wedding job. No hand on experience before this, and tak pernah any wedding photographers during their ‘outings’. Anyway, for this one, it was by luck that the person who recommended me for the job was with me for 2 days, snapping. 1st day somewhere in Cheras. Humm.. sesat jugak nak cari this Taman Bukit Anggerik. If takde my friend tuh, masak le.. my navigation sense suck ! anyway, 1st day was tiring and a bit ‘difficult’. My friend was using his Nikon slr, and missJeweLz here used Sony H1. Taking photos  outside, especially in the hot sun wasn’t a problem. With the F2.8-F3.7 zoom lens, and other futures, I didn’t have problem capturing OK and cool shots. Indoor shots were not that bad as well. Tapi masa nak ambil gambar kat bilik pengantin, problem… arggh… lighting was poor, and the flash didn’t help.. my friend’s slr had flash which could be rotated upward, avoiding unwanted shadows and overexposure. And the bounce card lagik. Adui.. time for me to get an SLR for myself ! yeah rite ! birthday is another 10 months.. and my exam result is not yet out.. and I doubt it my performance is better than the last. Uhmm…. 2nd day was in Tanjung Karang..gile jauh.. and again, if takde my friend, confirm sesat.. kalau tak sesat pon, my airtime credit will be reduced to zero cause I’ll be navigating through my phone ! *need to get Selangor map lah like this!* this time, I had a good time coz the weather was fabulous, sunny. And luckily I didn’t pakai baju kurung this time ! wore a long sleeve tshirt and jeans. More comfortable to move around ! 1st stop, Mak Andam’s kedai(not far from pengantin’s house), and after that pengantin lelaki’s house. Kampung house, cantik ! the landscape was awesome ! I enjoyed the 1nd day, ambil gambar till my nose burnt ! balik rumah tgk my nose got brown patch. Apa hal la plak nieh.. tgk2 kulit terbakar…!! Wuteva it is, the 2 days was worth of experience. Much more to learn. Plus, without the right tools, its more challenging.Total shots for 2 days; 1000++, had2filter & choose the best 144 (4rolls), and another 4 for 8R prints.Banyak jugak kerjanye..huhuh.. experience..experience.. completed everything in less than a week (filtering,editing,album cover,print,cd,etc). Yesterday sampai from Kuantan went straight to Shah Alam to send album2my client.  And tadi spoke to the bride, asked how did she find the album&fotos. “Ok la,puas hati ! sebelum tidur pun belek album lagi. dan hari ni bawa album ke office coz ada kwn nak kahwin” 🙂 Phew….



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