The Top 10 I Haven’t..(s)

 As of today (24/9/2007) I haven’t :

1. updated my last 2 triathlon race reports… (PD, Desaru)

2. uploaded fotos from d last 3 triathlon and duathlon races…

3. written any comprehensive and cool article for my wordpress…

4. written any raya card for anyone

5.updated my tadarus..still on Juz 5..humm…

6. completed my Abnormal Psychology assignment on Schizophrenia

7. done anything on my Human Genome Project assignment !!!

8. done any long run throughout Ramadhan

9. cook/bake anything for berbuka (heat up the food only..)

10. congratulate Eric and Vivian  (they’re expecting their 1st child !!!)(soon.but not too sure how soon lah)

dulang lady-

– @ Ah Thiam’s nikah –


6 thoughts on “The Top 10 I Haven’t..(s)

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  1. Haha, struggling to fit in time for all d things you want to do. Same here.
    Actually managed to bake some Raya cookies. I’ll bring some for our next ride (that is if the kids don’t finish them before that)

  2. wow Cik Adik Julie,

    Long time tak jumpa but still looks good especially in your Baju Kurung to Ah Tiam’s Nikah Ceremony lah….All of you looks GOOD! Handsome ADA, CANTIK MOLEK pun ADA, MACAM MACAM ADA…..

    Thanks for sharing my good news with others……This is my EVER BIGGEST HAPPY NEWS & he or she will be just in time to join us in March 2008 2 weeks after our Langkawi Ironman Race….What a good excuse for me to really have to FINISH & get the much awaited Ironman Medal & Title….hope to furfill my dream & present it to both the MOMMY & the LITTLE one….seee you soon

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