“The world always steps aside for people who know where they’re going.”

Miriam Viola Larsen

“The secret of man’s being is not only to live but to have something to live for. Without a stable conception of the object of life, man would not consent to go on living.”  The Grand Inquisitor in Dostoyevsky’s The Brothers Karamazov

Salamz and a good day to all. For this entry , i would like to share with you guys my comprehension of the term ‘passion’. Passion, enthusiasm, craze and synonyms alike are purely subjective projected in your mental and behaviour processes. The way you think, talk, work and spend time are reflections of the inner you. Passion is one of those drives within which enables you to  realize and actualize the zeal and whatever you’ve thought of doing, or in this sense, what you like doing. Since its kinda subjective, its sometimes hard to answer those kinda questions like ‘Why do you like running ?’, ‘Why do you triathlon?’, or when facing this kinda statements ‘I rather sleep than run 42.195km !’, ‘Bangun 2am to run Penang Bridge ? You crazy or what ?’.. mentality dude…mentality…  Anyway, why the WHY ?? ever thought of that ? Lets be realistic here guys.. You gotta know the answers first before anyone comes barging in with question of why you do the things you do. Passion is one of those popular answers that you would want to give. I’ve browsed through a few webpages and some of the answers to ‘why do you triathlon ?’ came in as a mixed bunch. Do check it out :

1. i needed to stay in shape for my job

2.  so i look better naked 3. because it gives me alone time , time to think about life and my problems4. because i still can surprise myself by actually doing what i never would have thought possible and sticking with it !5. Triathlon has such cool gears to train in6. Better stamina and focus to deal with life’s not-so-great moments and distance enough to know the difference between a hard moment and a crisis7. because its fun to say i can !8. I love the complexity of it . coming from a purely running background i find all the stuff that goes into training for tris very cool

9. it seems to keep me less injured than just pounding miles

10. because exercise and fitness just felt the right way to live

There you go… so why do You triathlon ? Well, you know best why

Getting back to our main discussion –> Passion <– , passion is actually the end result of the many cumulative answers to a Why question ? Meaning , if your Why question isn’t big enough , the extent of your enthusiasm for a particular subject will be short-lived. Ever experienced a friend who does his maiden marathon and after that completely stopped running ? or a friend who went horse riding for 3-4 times and then decided not to visit the riding club anymore ? or do you have any friends who run marathons but procrastinates (training) ? meaning, malas to train, or delay training sessions.. ?? if you, or any of your friends , (or even me!)  fell in this range of reality, then you might just tell yourself that your’ Why?’ isn’t big enough. Here are the sign and symptoms that your ‘Why?’ isn’t big enough :


1. procrastination


2. self-judgement



3. embarrassment


4. self-doubt


5. indecisiveness/ uncertainty



confusion6. confusion


7. fear of making mistake


fear of failure

8. fear of failure



9. apathy/lack of interest/lack of concern



10. all talk but no action


11. inconsistent action


When you can indentify your BIG WHY and combine that with your intentional thoughts, you will create the success you really want !

p.s. : will sambung lagi nanti… ada kelas skrg…


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