Admiral Marina


S717 PDIT 07

 Zabil and daughter, Aiman

Zabil & Aiman


Body marking



…Sexy Richard…


pacesetters triathletes

Zabil & family, Dino & Mr Nge



run julie run !!

Second sprint tri finish ! 1:12

Done !

PDIT medal !! *a famosa nyer medal tak dpt lg !*


Great race !!!! Port Dickson International Triathlon (Asian Cup Series) 2007 my second sprint triathlon , first was the A Famosa International Triathlon ’07 on the 7th April. The official time aren’t out yet, hopefully by tomorrow. PDIT was a much better race for me compared to A Famosa Tri. Overall performance better than my first tri though there’s still much room for improvement ! will write more nanti..here’s a sum up of my result..

S717 unofficial time –   1 hr : 12 min : 00 sec

swim 0.8km  = 20 mins

T1 = 2 mins

bike  10km (cut short from 20km) = 24 mins

T2 = 1 min

run  5.0km = 25 mins


                                             A Famosa International Triathlon ’07

                                 Swim : 0.5 KM            Bike : 18.0 KM           Run : 3.0 KM

Women 17-39 – [SP]
9 J63 Nor Juliana binti Ali Malaysian       01:05:34

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