Those craps on Friendship

man’s best friend

If you think its lame to discuss this topic, than allow me to correct you. There’s no such thing as lame discussions except for those who thinks they’re too intellegent to be discussing basic values in life such as this one. There are numerous quotes , poems, books, songs and movies highlighting how friendship is brought to its greatest length and how it deeply affects us. I’ve met many good friends. *let’s leave the bad ones first..* and they have given me more than what I have to offer them, in terms of comfort, happiness, trust, HELP , advices and many more. Being a good friend doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be that perfect person. Just be yourself, the best. Sometimes you’re the upper hand, and at times other people will play that role. There’s give and take in friendship. Understanding, patience and also love. Reflect back those moments with your good friends , those silly jokes, hot gossip and the eat out @ your favourite restaurant.. fuyyoo..  ya lo… good things kan?!. and it brings more than satisfaction to you that you have all these nice things happening to you. I’ve been in this dreamworld quite long. long enough to accept those around me easily. So naive of me , really. .

Reality knocks. I woke up and realize how unfair i’ve been treating myself , of putting too much trust on friends. Madam Fairuz (my mass communication lecturer) yesterday mentioned that the person you should least trust is you closest friend ! check.  Elaboration : kawan makan kawan. Its so obvious in today’s community. All we think is of ourselves. Friends are merely apparatus for us to reach whatever objectives that we badly want to achieve. Usually this type of people are egocentric, hypocrite and stinky !!!! so stay away from them. A reminder : I am not making any over generalization on the definition of ‘friend’ or even ‘close friend’. (its up to you to judge just expressing my views .) It has happened me copla times and I am getting the hang of it. You’ve heard the ever famous Chipsmore ad line ‘Sekejap ada, sekejap tak ada’. this roughly describes the characteristic of those kind of people who befriends you only to siphon the good things you have on you.  like what ? you obviously have the answer dear. in this materialistic world it could be anything ranging from your very kind and sympathizing hearts, your good looks, your knowledge,your wallet, your car, your status,rank,your social group/affiliates  !!! Run through the checklist below and you’ll begin to realize, (somehow or rather), that there is a need to sit back and reflect on friendship overload (that’s when you don’t bother to filter the people you mix and linger with)…

 The first bad friend, who takes anything, has four characteristics:

(1) taking everything from you

(2) Wanting a lot for very little (or wanting much in return for giving only a little)

(3) doing service only when he gets into trouble

(4) seeking only his own advantage

The second bad friend, who is a great talker, has also four characteristics:

(1) talking of favours in the past

(2) talking of favours in the future

(3) trying to please you with empty promises or mouthing empty promises of goodwill

(4) pleading inability owing to some disaster when something needs to be done in the present.

The third bad friend, who flatters, has also four characteristics: 

(1) agreeing to the bad actions of you

(2) also, agreeing to the good actions of you

(3) praising you in your presence

(4) disapproving you behind your back

The fourth bad friend, who is a fellow-spendthrift or who debauches, also has four characteristiocs: 

(1) being a companion when indulging in strong drink

(2) being a companion when haunting the streets at unfitting times

(3) being a companion when frequenting shows and entertainments

(4) being a companion when indulging in gambling

Remember people, the list above is just a guideline for you (and me) and should not be overgeneralized or exaggerated to your friends. If you know you’ve got a bad company, move out of the way ! If you you’re bold and nice enough, do guide them to the right path.(so philosophical one ah ?!! duh,,,)  these tips and advices are applicable for all ages and environment settings. whether at the work, uni , school or anywhere lah !!!!!!

Have a nice day !!!!!

Breakfast @ MNS, Ringlet, Cameron

                               …..missjewelz personal testimony on friendship..

its value… unimaginable.. i love and adore my friends. . i still remember the faces of my kindergarden mates. sweet childhood ah.. nothing much to worry back then. Grew older , and the meaning of friendship evolved .Gaining and maintaining friendship became more complex. Friends came and left. Its just part of the process. Life goes on, and we move on. The relationship between time and friends are just like the trains and the railway.. its meant for them to come. And then go. (pass by lah!!). so, in between those come and go period, are those transition areas.. that’s where you have the chance and opportunity to exercise and mature your own intellegence, associating with the people you meet , work and hang out with.And at times you fail to recognize the masked faces. 🙂 they’re grinning behind it with that wicked smile, very eager to start a friendship with you when all they care of is their greed and temptations for the rewards of being close to you. I’ve gone through this bitter stage only to realize it too late. Lesson learnt, its good to mix around and work on your communication and relations skill, but play safe.  There are plenty of good friends out there, so open up your eyes, you’ve got to be the better you.. and one of the ways are to bargain those bad friends for the good ones. 🙂  jangan ikut hati sangat. guna akal yang Tuhan kasi tuh .. (don’t always follow the heart. utilize the mind and rational bestowed to you by Almighty).. to all my beloved friends (whom i know and have met personally), thank you and sorry for everything. this post is dedicated to all of you out there. any feedback, please do so.

 I think i better stop now. my shoulders are already aching and my tummy is already rumbling !!!! lunch time lah !!! kay you people, smile always okay ?! God Bless you and have a nice day !!!!!!!


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  1. Hi my Dear sis Julie,

    What a GREAT write up on FRIENDSHIP, a look simple but yet powerful word to really look into it.

    Am glad & honour to be one!

    Keep the flow of your thought continue, am sure we all learn frm each other.

    1. 🙂 Thank Lynn. This is something i wrote long time ago which i now dont remember why i wrote it at the 1st place. but i guess, wuteva meaning i try to put across here still is applicable to those who read them.worth the sharing! 🙂 saw ur blog too. cute! will add the link later in my bloggie ya. 🙂


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