Penang Bridge Marathon – trouble…

After a month in the recruit , i decided to lay down and relax a bit, makan, tido, no traning wutsoeva… that was in May… practically the whole month i was eating, sleeping, and uhmm… eating.. and now its June and I’m in a big trouble here…. Help !!! * i’ll help myself , no worries *.. so the nerve is on. around 2 weeks ++ more to go !!! ayyoo.. my muscles are like sooooooooo relaxed now, i’ve put on weight, and my close friend tells me i’m chubby !!!!  luckily i got to join tony , eric and the rest of the team hiking and cycling the past 2 weeks. started training on Tueday at the Kg.Pandan track. the Pacesetters track team was also there. but didn’t join them la. I just did light and easy .. how many rounds..? 10 only.. thats 4k.. terukkan… heheh.. and then uhm , yesterday did 20 rounds…tatz 8km. today insyaAllah will be doing more lah ! this weekend I’ll be having my exams !! wish me luck ! this sunday got our practice run @ bkt aman. some of us doing 30k , some 20.. tapi tak sure la nak pergi ke tak coz that day got latihan menembak at sungai besi. . .

for those taking part in the Ipoh International Run,


cheerios !!

 Pacesetters Annual Dinner 2007




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